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  1. i took an old TV stand and flipped it vertically and put a door with hinges over the front opening. inside i am using 1 compact fluro bulb (not seen in pic) which is 65watt and produces 750 lumens. i also have a small cpu fan that i am running to ventalate. also, since adding the CF, i put the light within 2in of the plant (which is much bigger now).

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  2. I'm new.. so this might be a stupid question.

    What kind of light are you running there?
  3. just a reg fluro, my seed just broke the surface of the soil the other day, so a fluro is ok for the first few weeks, but then when i get the money, im going to get a metal halidide for when it gets a lil stronger
  4. The light in the picture does not look like a Flouro.
  5. way to go but watch the temp and maybe paint the inside white
  6. hey, thanks for the info, im gonna try and paint it white asap. also, i just assumed the light was a fluro b/c i found it around my house...but o well.anyways, whats the best light for vegging that will still fit in that same light thing.
  7. flat white is better than gloss white just if you didnt know or emergency blankets (its like cheap mylar) can be found (almost anywhere in the camping area)for 2 bucks they work pretty good,good luck
  8. Try to get some compact flourescents or something quick
    They'll fit into a normal bulb socket too, which is convenient.
    r you could get a hps, its up to you
    but you do need proper light pronto,
    Good luck,
  9. a hps will fit into that socket? i am going to go to search for a bulb tomorrow.
  10. home depot $45 150w HPS.

  11. No an HPS won't go in that socket.

    A CF (compact flourescent) will though.

    Should be able to get them anywhere for very little wedge.

    Good luck with the grow.

    Stay safe.

  12. ok, today i got a compact fluro. how far from the little seedling should i keep the light? also, i dont know how much i should be watering, b/c i am afraid of root rot. so, any suggestions would be helpful. i have a lil pic of my plant (kinda of center).
  13. pic of seedling...

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  14. Whats the watts on the bulb,
    that will tell us where you should put the light from the plant

  15. Keep it 4 or 5 inches away until it can hold a little more moisture (first set of fan leaves) then you can pull it as close as 2 or 3 inches.

    Some will say 2 or 3 inches from the start but i like to be a little gentler and also stimulate them to s t r e t c h clear of the soil for the first inch or two.

    It's just my thing. *lol*
  16. hey, thanks for the info. ill get the wattage tonite and will post it tomorrow.
  17. Thats a great looking grow box. I bet you can't wait to reap the benefits.
  18. yea, i was pretty liberal in my making of the box, but i cant wait to reap...oyea, i got 71150 points on burgertime the other day...who hoo
  19. I just wish I had some pot to smoke and then play Burgertime

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