My closet call with the law!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Lil D, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. So my buddy works at a subway and I decided to come in with a few friends to come visit. Well he was having a rough day so he wanted to go toke up in the back. We end up rolling up a blunt and smoked it just him and I. When we finish we hear the door ring(meaning a customer was there). So I go out of the back and just sit down with the rest of my pals, and my buddy who was working goes to help the the customer. And our luck the guys is a cop!, and little did we know but we were later updated but the place smelled like weed! It was the most intense 10 minutes of my life! But luckily he left and we have yet to see him again!
  2. I have to say, I love my pot, but I NEVER have nor will smoke at work or before work. C'mon you guys if you can't wait 8 hrs. till you're off work to light up, you need help. I read somewhere that someone walked in a Ford Auto factory in South Africa and it smelled like weed. It's nice to know the car your driving was put together by someone blown out on weed, isn't it? Besides that, who the hell would ever want to be at work while stoned? There is a reason that 99.9% of the time we experience consciousness in a sober, directed, motivated state of mind -- this is the best state to get things done, to be productive. Unless, you're miserable, depressed and neurotic and using pot as an escape, rather than recreationally, there is NEVER a good reason to do it at work.
  3. I can go 8 hours of smokeing, but can i ask you why??????? I think if you can maintain on it then go with it.
  4. man one time me and my friend were in a gas station at like midnight just making tall munchies in the microwave and stuff and all of a sudden a known cop in my town walks in and walks towards us.. i turn around and look right at him in the eyes (mine are pure red) from like a foot away and i just walk past him and pretend i am getting a drink. my friend knows this guy because the cop used to help coach some sports teams at my school. and he was trying to conversate with my friend.. he was like.. "why are u acting defensive luis?" and "have u been drinking" "if u dont play football or wrestle anymore then just WHAT do YOU do in ur free time" oh man we were scared shitless i grabbed my burrito before it was even done and practically ran to my bros car.

  5. I worked at an assembly job where approx. every 20 minutes I had to drill 250 holes and then screw a molding into these holes.After about a month of this I had to get high just to keep the monotony(sp) from driving me insane.

    On the other hand I did fire-bricking for a while, which is extremely dangerous work, and I never did while high. I did sell weed to my co-workers though, does that count.

    It all depends on the situation IMO.
  6. I was in highschool and as in my post in "first time you got high" there was smoking grounds close to my school.. So I'm on my way over there.. during school hours and right behind me is our school po-po Oh great.. So I HIGHtail it down the street, while this fat fuck is chaseing me in his car.. once I get to the field I have to run acroos the field behind a basketball court and into the woods.. with this fat ass behind me screaming stop the whole time... I ran into the woods and hid in a spot a friend and I had recently found and sat there for like 15 minutes.. I had passed the boat and saw a friend sitting on it and called to him that smay (the Po-Po) was behind me.. I heard footsteps while i waited, adn eventually came out to the boat where my friend was tokin up he said Smay stopped at the trees and turned around.. then he passed th j and we smoked! That was my closest call..
  7. this was only like my second time getting high, and i think i was in grade 8... so me and my friends just bought a couple of grams, so we went to the forest to smoke them. i was really worried that i would get caught, so i made them go deeper and deeper into the forest when they finally got pissed off at me and told me that they were gonna stay there and smoke it. so were smoking for about 15 minutes, when one of them says "cops" i think there just kidding and i keep smoking. so they start getting really scared and so i look back and there were two cops walking up to us. so i grab my bag of joints and bury it in the ground underneath me. so the cops come up to us and ask us what that smell was, and i tell them it was nothing ( i had to speak cause my friends were to stoned) so they asked me if i had any drugs or alcohol and of course i say no. and then one of the cops asked to see that bag at my feet.......which contained my she picked it up and put it to her nose to smell i thought for sure i was caught, but just at that time, a person with a garbage bag over his soldier rides by on his bike and the cops started running after him. turned out they were looking for him and that was the only reason they were in the forest at that time. so me and my friends run to the other exit, but thats were the cop car was so we just layed low for a while until they left. we came back later to get my budd.that was scary.
  8. I got a good one. My friend and I had just bought a half O and were on our way to my house to get my car and then go on to his house. We figured we might as well pack a bowl before we get in our seperate cars. So I pack it and we light up. We get 2 or 3 tokes each, then we come over the top of this hill. What we saw nearly made me crap my pants. There were like 6 cop cars blocking the road. It was a sobriety checkpoint. I stuck the bowl under the seat, not even bothering to check the cherry and stuffed the bag way down beside the seat by the console. My friend rolls down the window of his black 93 Range Rover to try to get the smoke out. An officer walks up and asks, "have either of you been drinking?"
    "No, sir" stammered my friend.
    "Do you have any alcohol in the car?"
    And I get caught up in the moment and say, "We're underage. We aren't allowed to have that."
    And he fucking let us go right there. I would have never thought a line like that would actually work. It was a serious buzz kill, too because I was just starting to feel it when the cop walked up. When we got to my friend's house we blazed away and laughed about it.
  9. you gotta understand, some of us have fucking shitty jobs and weed makes it tolerable! like my job.. cashier at cub fucking foods.. believe it or not, it sucks. just takin peoples shit, cant tel lthem to get the fuck out because im like a peon there.. and my boss is a fuck face!!

  10. back in HIGHschool i used to be real open about what i did, cause most of the kids liked me, and they thought it was a riot to see me high, well i had a sack in my pocket one day that i was going to sell to my friend after school. so im sitting in my boring as hell last period class.. and all of a sudden our vice principal walks in and tells me to pack my stuff (mind you the sack is in my right pocket) so i slowly packed my stuff trying to think of a way to hand it off... well the VP was watching me too closely and i didnt have time to lose it, so as we walked out of the class he asked me to see my lockers (im not stupid enough to put any shit in there) and so i thought "Perfect that dumb ass hasn't even asked me to empty my pockets so i'll just drop the sack on the way there" well... he stayed about 8 feet behind me the whole time to see if i was dropping anything and i didnt get the chance to lose it, so we then proceeded on to his office :( well once we walked into the school office i was getting ready to piss my pants cause i was so afraid of being caught, i was thinkin what the hell am i gunna do with this sack?!?! well once i walked into his office, he was still about 5 feet behind me.. and somehow the idea just came into my mind and BAM! i pulled the sack out and swallowed it.. somehow.. without water. they proceeded to search me and never found anything. that was probably one of my closest calls.. i've had way more than i would liked to have had. i'll post another later.
  11. I was hanging out with some people in my friend's house, we had just came back from a party where a bunch of people got busted, I had locked my keys in the trunk, my friend had got his car stuck in the mud, so me, my girlfriend and 2 other friends helped him push his car out, and they took off. Well, we were running back to my car and saw 3 cop cars lined up right in front of mine. I had taken off most of my clothes, just had boxers on, muddy as fuck.. telling this cop that my keys are locked in the car. He radios in to chase down my friends, who come back and pick us up after about 15 minutes standing around chatting with this officer in the fucking middle of the night.

    Anyway, back to the real scary part. We were chillin' at my friends house, some of us on harder drugs, some of us just smoking in the bathroom. My girlfriend and her friend run outside and come face to face with 3 cops, they get scared, turn right back around and run inside. The cops BANGED on the door, we opened and they asked "What's that wonderful smell?" My girlfriend comes running into the bathroom saying "COPS". I thought she was kidding 'cause I was pretty fucked up. I ended up finally flushing the joint we were smoking and no one else had anything on them, fortunately. Cops searched us all, the little house and everything.. found our stash of 10 bongs, one was a 3 foot Hookah the cops named "The Holy Grail." They made my friend take all the bowls in the house and smash em outside, and anyone underage call their parents. But they let everyone else go. Crazy ass night.

    Sorry if that's a lot of rambling. :p
  12. I love smoking before and during work. Makes everything so much more relaxing. Accept for the times when you have to deliver pizzas to the cop shop baked outta your mind.
  13. my closest call was after a kottonmouth kings concert. my friend justin and me were stoned but not much. and we go to rive home. well we get in his car and we pull out of the parking lot. 5 seconds later headlights are in front of us and the person swerved to miss us. then sirens turn on behind us. justin pulls over and the cops run up with their hands on there guns. dumbass justin had driven the wrong way down a one way street. luckily the pipe they found wasnt mine.
  14. I just read in Scientific American that marijuana gives the impression of slowing down time because dopamine flow is restricted to the pineal gland. Well, that's a good reason not to get high at work. Who the hell wants to drag an already long 8hr. day out into infinity? And it's true, I think time moves much slower when I'm stoned. Once when I was stoned, I attempted to make Jiffy Pop on a stove top and stunk out my entire apt. because I couldn't time the shaking right. From now on I buy microwave popcorn and watch the clock. Try it, smoke some weed and see if you can cook Jiffy Pop without totally burning the hell out of it. Wait until you're good and stoned first though.
  15. one time i was blazing, and there was a hole in this wall by us. my friends says wouldnt it suck if a cop just came through that hole right now. then a cop jumps through the hole and yells "surprise!"

    we were both just like fuck you, that was gay. he took my buddies joint but then we just left. got the rest of our bag from his house and blazed the rest somewhere less heat.

    ^^ good story ^^


  17. Never even come close to being sprung - mind you Im more of a 'in-house' smoker - gettin' high in the confines of your own home is bliss.

    Mind you from time to time i'll brave it and spark up somewhere other than home - especially if im hangin' for it!

  18. damn pretty slick..... did u retrieve the bag later =P
  19. me and like 3 friends were out on a cruse smoking down. i was in the passinger seet. we had the music thumpin "you know my friend had some mad bass" anyway we were going down the road and next thing i know a deer jumps out and hits my side of the car. we go to pull over but we were allready on a small bridge. so we pull over after the bridge and get out to look at the damage. heh one headlight was facing the ground so we pop it back in place and were like cool lets finish that joint! "my buzz was about gone" when we stopped i put the joint by the gear shifter, in plane site. were getting back in the car and a cop pulls up. "fuck were in the middle of noware!" so hes like whats going on. were like we hit a fucking deer ! hes like so is the deer ok im like it kept running into the woods. but im a lil shakin up...he walks to the driver side of the car shines his flashlight in the car "shit" my friends about to piss himself cause hes got like a bunch of hash on him but the cop tells us to get on our way and gets in his car and starts shinning for the deer . so we get in and take off.....the rest of the night we make fun of our slfs over and over about saying "oh my god" when we hit the deer" ok not that funny but the hash was good.

    sorry for the bad spelling and the ovewr use of the word "like" i tend to do that whent im high "i got to stop i sound like a trend whore".....

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