My cloning experience (2 machines)

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  1. Just an fyi.

    I had one of these from june until a month ago.


    It worked 'ok' at best. I had clones. With 25 at a wack, I was easily able to get 12 usable. I lost a pump, which caused me to lose my clones once. Got replacement, it was defective and heated up, causing me to lose my next cycle of clones. Fortunately, I was only making them for others, and it didn't affect my real vegge/flower cycle times. So, I said F that. My buddy had been getting fantastic clones from his ezcloner. Bought one on sale for around 230, 30 unit size. You could tell as soon as I started it up that the design was much improved. Every spot when taking out the foam holder would have lots of fine spray coming out. My new clones have just started sprouting, tons of roots, still small, but you can tell there are going to be oodles of them. It took 9 days for them to start popping out. I'm just using clonex additive to the water.


    If you want to make great clones, get the ezcloner, I wish I had in the beginning.

  2. I have a 25 site botanicare, pump died on me after 2 years. I just converted it to a DWC, dropped in two 2 inch sunleaves airstones, ran the lines through the rubber stopper. Now she runs at an extreme boil. Clones take 7-10 days.

    Enjoy the 300 dollar EZClone replacement pump......
  3. Nice job. That pump is that much? Ugh. LOL!
  4. I just googled the pump. 60-90.
  5. 90 is still too damn expensive for a cloner pump IMHO.
  6. Well, this is how I look at it. 60, 90. It's $30 difference. I'm more concerned with my shit running smoothly and cloning quickly and healthy.


  7. Fair enough.
  8. I thought I'd update this with the results of the new machine.

    1 30 spot Ezcloner.
    5 gallon of my tap water (well, not public)
    50 mils of clonex
    Temp of water is 72 degrees.

    Day 16 when we transplanted seedlings....


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