My clones won't take root!

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  1. I have two moms in flower (1.5weeks in) and I've tried to take clones off the one that looks the strongest. I cut 3 clones from the lower part of the plant and split the stems down the middle to provide more root.

    I then dipped them in Olivia's cloning gel and put them in little seedling pots. I sprayed them with my foilar spray (light veg ferts) then put them in ziplock bags so they stay nice and humid.

    I have them with my flowering moms as I read that 12/12 is good for clones. Everything is under a 400w HPS.

    I check on them daily whenever I can and every time I look they are drooping. I understand that they get their water through the leaves when they are first cut since they have no roots.

    What is it that I am doing wrong? I'd like to try again but I want to make sure I'm doing it right so I'm not continually cutting my moms. The moms have tons of potential clones on them which I would love to chop because it'll allow better airflow since they are both LST'd.
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  2. I posted this on another thread a while back........It is the method I use to clone and it has served me well. Learning to clone is frustrating, but once you get it down, it is also very rewarding. Good luck to you.
  3. stop splitting the stems and ziplock bags wont help imo
  4. Thanks chunkdaddyo! I've been reading more a lot from what I can find and it all goes back to what you said in your post. I think my problem is using the seedling cups. I'll make another attempt and see if I can't free up my moms and clone at the same time. I would really like to grow out another mom from my best mom but grow this next one under better conditions from start to end than than mom #1.

    I will post back with my results and technique I used.
  5. Hey man, if you want a simple way to clone your mommy plant then I suggest building a cloning machine. It is inexpensive and works wonders! Look at my grow garden link, you can see the bubblier I built and it works great!!! All you need is a rubbermaid tote, I have a container similar to a rubbermaid and it is 18 gallons I believe. It does not have to be 18 gallons, that is over IMO but I really liked the container. So all you need is a container, an aerator with two out puts, 2-12" air stones, 2" net mesh pots and some neoprene plugs. I bought everything at walmart except the mesh pot and the neoprene plugs. Those you will have to order or buy at a grow shop. Anyways, cute 1.5" holes into the lid of the container, insert the mesh pots and put the neoprene plugs in the mesh pots. Put your two air stones at the button of the tote and fill with ph corected water,, feel free to add a very light nutrient. I fill mine to the bottom of the mesh pots so the stem is half in the water and the rest it misted by the bubbles. It cost me about 30 bucks to make. You may also want to add an aqurim heater for about 8 more dollars. Water around 78.8 degrees really speeds up the process. Good luck man and dont for get the rooting hormone.
  6. I have never split the stems, always just a nice even 45 degree angle cut, a drop or 2 of cloning gel in the rockwool or pellets, and a quick dip on the stem. I have 100% success. Ziplocks do not work well. If you do not have a tray w/ humidity dome, you can use muffin cups, like the plastic cups w/ covers they sell muffins in at grocery stores. I drill a couple holes in the top, place about 1" of water in the bottom and place them inside w/ the lid on. Works the same as a tray w/ dome. Good luck

  7. in my opinion ive had em take root in a cloning tube with nothin but water in it.
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    Some good info above, sounds like you are making it to complicated. It should also be noted clones taken from a flowering plant will take longer to root.

    I have used MANY methods but the simplest is as effective as my aero bubbler. Here is what I do NOW, much like the above post.

    Taking the cutting at an angle
    Drop the bottom stem in some water and trim off the largest leaves
    Cut the plant again underwater at an angle
    Run the base of the cutting through root tone or other
    Drop them in soil 3 to a pot, 1 gallon pots
    Mist them every 2-3 days AT MOST no domes
    Keep them out of direct light of a few days

    After about 7-10 days they will start to root and by 14 I can usually tell what has rooted by looking at leaves. Yellowing from the TIP moving in is a sign of rooting as well as new growth.

    If your CURRENT attempt has not passed the 16 DAY MARKER keep on trucking IMO.
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