My clones keep dying, please help!

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  1. I was given a nice kush clone some months ago from a friend, and thats how it all started for me. I Grew the clone into a mother plant and clipped it into new clones. I thought I was following the conventional wisodm on what to do and obviously was wrong. I am on my third round of clones now and out of 25 - 30 clones only one has survived.

    So far all I have is a rotation of mom plants to keep the strand going, but I cant get 5 or 6 clones to the veg state, so I have only had buds from the mom plants that I eventually swap out for a new on and bloom it out. The bud has been amazing, but this pace of growing is not worth all the ffort. I need to get good at cloning!

    I have used both Rockwool and Rapid Rooters, but I have been more successful with the rockwool so I am going to stick with that but I am open to advice.

    I have a T5 light / tray with dome set up for the clones. I have been keeping the temp in the dome around 85 with the humidity the same.

    Can anyone give me a link to a clone tutorial that actually has good advice for watering after the cutting? I think the maintenance after they are put into the rockwool is my problem. I have roottech and follow the whole cutting process as I have read to do. So few tutorials show you how to get them from dome to veg stage, and I think its the more important problem I am having.

    Thanks, I am really in need of your help! :smoke:
  2. Make sure the clones aren't exposed to air for more then 20 - 30 seconds. Air goes up the stem and kills the plant. Keep the cutting in water until its put in the grow medium. Also give them a 24-48 hour black out period. This gets the plant to take from its photosynthesis and focus energy on rooting. Keep in a humidity dome and keep warm. Mid to high 70s works well.
  3. keep it around 80. just enough to humidify your dome. i use the cubes. guess thats rockwool. by a gallon of distilled water. get some super bloom (walmart 6 bucks). add two drops to the water. then soak rockwools. add clones. leave 1/8" water in bottom of dome thingy. use heating pad on low... or medium if its auto-cutoff. use a timer to turn it on every few hours.

    im assuming ur using cloning get or powder.

    best to ph ur water first to 5.5. but not 100% necessary. when u get roots... start ferting with a 1/4 lucas for a couple weeks then step it up to full.

    edit. going to have to check out your blog. hope you dont mind.
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    Great idea for a heating pad! Never heard that before. I kept my clones in the bathroom in front of a little electric heater. Worked perfectly. All 5 rooted
  5. Awesome Guys! Thanks for the advice, I am reading through Farm Dawgs tutorial and will take the advice to give them some darkness first as well. I think I have had the heat and humidity a bit too high, and my watering / dome opening plan was waaaaaaay off.
  6. I hope the info helps and I hope your next clones root and give lots of bud
  7. If you have any questions after reading that I will help as much as I can.
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    I love seeing other growers who are so happy to help
  9. Growing is my passion. Sometimes I need help too. :smoke:
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    Mine too and same here. I also like to help anytime I possibly can
  11. I practically live here. On this website.
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  12. Should I leave 1/8" water in the bottom of the tray the whole life cycle of the clones? Or just to start off with?

    I have it around 85 degrees and 85% humidity without really trying, so no need for a heating pad right?

    I am excited to get to the point where I can offer insight to newbies as well. That will be cool! :smoke:
  13. the mistakes people make are cutting the stem in open air...and water clones is pointless until roots least a mist the leaves...and also trim some off the larger fans so there no so much surface area to transpire moisture...the battle with clones is do they have enough stored enegery to survive until new roots can replace it...take larger cuttings too:smoke:...good ta see you guys helpin' eachother out..refreshing..keep playin' tall:smoke:
  14. You should just make sure the rockwool cubes don't dry out. Clones like 90-100% humidity. At first.

    I would try it with the heating pad and humidity dome. Cloning can be one of those things that's hard to get down.

    It took me several trys and a lot of research to get it right.

    A book that helped me tremendouslly in cloning was Jorge Cervantes "Marijuana Horticulture The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible"
  15. I have Superthirve and H202. Should i use either of those in the water for the clones. Either in the rockwool or as foliar spray? Or both?
  16. I just water the Superthrive into the rockwool. I haven't tried it as a foliar spray.
  17. not sure i would foliar with superthrive:smoke:
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    Ill post up the pics of my healthy new round of Clones in a few days!

    Also, should the rockwool be completely soaked Like a full sponge? Should it soak up water from the bottom or should it be watered so the top (where the stem goes) is really wet also?
  19. Soak them completely before you even slide the stem in. Just pour the superthrive water mixture on them until they are completly saturated.

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