My clones are out growing red cups. Where now?

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  1. My clones are doing great in red cups, but are ready to transplant. Sould they go to 1 gallons pots or ?
    Thanks for any advice you can give me.
  2. I went from a plastic party cup to a 3 gallon pot. My plants loved it.
  3. The 3 gallon pots are probably a very good idea. I had a million 1 gallon pots laying around, so I go from a couple of weeks veg in blue cups and then to 1 gallon pots to flower. You should NOT have to go cup -> 1 gal -> 3 gal. Going to 3 gallon is the way to go if you're buying new stuff or have a choice.
  4. The smaller increments you go up, the better your root ball will be. ;)
  5. ^^couldnt have said it better. The bigger the pot the higher chances for a bigger yield.
  6. I couldn't find 3 gallon pots so I got 5 gallon pots. I have a large grow room with lots of space and it will be interesting how big the plants get in these pots. I am using Organic Miracle Grow potting soil which has worked great so far.
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    Ive had extremly good results with 5 gallon pots. What nutes do you plan to use
  8. I'd say it depends on the soil. You don't want to transplant in soil you can't add nutes to for three weeks the day before you start to flower.

    And I've always heard the bigger the ROOTS the bigger the FRUITS!!!
    If you have the patients and space the longer veg and the bigger the pot the more yield
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    Well said....any chance I can get ur feedback on my grow journal? Its under hawaiian skunk.
  10. I don't know how much advice I can give but I would like to check out your journal if you can add a link....V
  11. Ya BRO I checked out that link it looks sweet I wish I could put some outdoor I am a legal patient and grow legally but rent an apt in town so out of the question but I think you could get more optimum growth starting indoor with a MH even a small one. A friend of mine got 6 clones 2 days before I started 8 his were 3x the size of mine to start with he put his under a floro for 8 days before pitting under
    MH I put mine straight under the MH 4 feet above lowering a foot each day until 10" above the tops and 6 of mine are now bigger than 4 of his (he has 3 strains actually 4 but started 4th a week later) and I have only one strain PURPLE RHINO. So from what I've seen with my own eyes MH is superior to floro
  12. Thanks for the advice!! Im probably.gonna get one after I harvest my autos in a couple months.
  13. For sure BRO here's 2 pics of the same plant 5 days apart 600w MH first and current grow

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  14. Yea that mh makes a huge diff lol.
  15. depends on your grow space really.

    I went from redcup-> quart buckets-> 2.5 quart bucket.
    ( i have a small space)

    but you can go redcup to 5 gallon no problem.
  16. Im moving 4 clones into 13 gallon pots from blue cups. I got lucky and found the perfect spot but not the most space.

    Best of luck with your grow!

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