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my city

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. in not quite sure how or why this came up but i got to be thinkin bout the city, grasscity. WHATA PLACE its beautiful. wide open spaces with grand hills and large sweeping willow trees, theres a large but serene river snaking through our valley. theres roses and posies, and manicured trees as far as the eyes can see ( looks like one of is is REALLY into gardening). the grass is soft and perfectly cut at all times(golf course style) this i believe is thanks to namron, the very sexy yardwork boy. nice job man........laid back beside the river appears to be a few fellows fishing, okies in the middle. he's gotta a pole in but he's just tellin fish stories. puffy is there too, but he's too buisy waiting for ashly to show up to do much listening. unoit and budhead are only half listening,waiting for a bite to show an okie what a fish really looks like.
    under one of those willows amungst the roses that im sure critter planted are a few gals. myself being one, rmjl, ganjaphish and stony. were laughin at the boys who are all suckin in there tummies and trying hard to be cool, while trying real hard to TRY to NOT look so hard like they're tryin.
    switch, the lovable young rogue, stops by on his way to the boys and picks us each a sweet thankya switch.
    now critter....hes over by the river too, tho he's laid back on of those comfy chairs with his feet all propped up totally chillin...whats that ah, a new bubbler on his lap. (thought it was somthing else for a sec ;) ) critter has gathered quite a following, and they are listening to him intently.
    yonder under another tree are another group of people....i cant quite make them out (they MUST be the lurkers).
    past the lurkers and over the next hill are the horsies. the painted one's mine. this is also where the dogs seem to play luckys hiding begause rufas kicked his arse and drina laughed at him because he pee's like a girl.
    its such a beautiful place always sunny, and always 84 degrees fahrenheit with low humidity acourse.
    ok you can call me crazy now.....
    what do you think the city looks like?
  2. ummmmmmmmmm........................

    That sounds pretty close to right?
  3. *sigh* that was beautiful!
  4. that sounds so beautiful....wish i was there.....oh i forgot....i am here at the out....Sid
  5. thats what I see every time im high :p
  6. Wow, Higha, I love your vision of the City. That was nice.
  7. Excellent Highya!

    Now I need a back rub, beer, and another pound for anbother round..

    Your insite is beautifull! Thank you..
  8. sounds exactly as i would picture it, yup i wouldnt' change a thing...
  9. lol... i guess i'm just wondering around chompin' on the shroomies or chillin on the giant beanbag chair next to my dank garden :D

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