My city is on fire!!!!

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  1. The teenage generation, mainly young black men have taken to the streets across the country and are literally looting all the major cities. Its insane its happened in my town and all the surrounding areas. Crazily enough I'm receiving messages on my blackberry from my friends who are looting and it seems like every bodies at it. This shit is pretty tense! I had a call saying that peoples houses are being set on fire down the road from me, its disgusting. I HATE SOUTH LONDON!!! :mad:

    LIVE UPDATES: Riot fallout hits south London, Croydon (From Your Local Guardian)
  2. We have the same problem in Milwaukee, WI...
  3. i second the lion
  4. Anarchy in the UK!
  5. Can anyone explain to me why there are riots :confused:

  6. Basically police shot a guy with a gun dead in Tottenham, London and the community (primarily black) started rioting. Then the rest of the country saw it as an opportunity to loot houses which led to people going out of control and starting fires all over this shithole country.
  7. Is that really it?

    Sounds like a regular day in my neck of the woods.
  8. i want to be
    get pissed

  9. Damn bro, stay safe and try not to get hurt. Maybe it will turn into more than a riot...
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  11. Seriously? That sounds like something common here. I mean it doesn't make it right but still.

    Youguysmad lol.
  12. With all due respect, it is common where I am.
  13. Only in the U.K :smoke:

    Daily occurence in the states
  14. the riots have spread to manchester. needless to say im gona get a bunch of free shit tomorrow :D
  15. Yeh give it a few days the army is coming :( setting up road blocks and shit.

    Also the 1 person arrested because of this who was 15 said she's rioting because she wants her taxes back SHE DOESN'T EVEN PAY FUCKING TAXES
  16. too many mufuckas with guns here to go trying to loot people's shit.

    good luck, stay safe.
  17. WHAT?!? GRASSCITY IS ON FIRE? Everyone Get the fuck out!@
  18. Get a gun and ammo buddy.

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