My Church Harvest

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  1. well after 9 weeks its finally done :D
    Weighed them & it totals to 640 grams (1.4lbs)(22.5 oz). But of course this is wet weight and on the stems.
    You guys try guess what the total wight will be after drying & curing ;)
    Im very happy with the results. There' still alot of bud left growing, but i felt it wasnt ready yet, as it was branches beneath the bigger heads where the 400w hps doesnt reach too well.

    Trichomes looked good to me. 60% cloudy, 40% amber. i only got pics from a few days before harvest, so maybe ill put 'em up :rolleyes:
    Was quite a mission getting pics of them tho. had 2 stick the camera lens in the eye hole of the microscope :D

    Anywayz, hope ya'll like it.

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  2. Check this bad girl :hello:

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  3. Great harvest dude!:smoke:

    Those look bomb diggidy. I hope I have the patience to wait mine out till they are amber.
  4. Holy. Shits. OMFG you make me want to fast forward to when I'm gonna start growing. Unfortunately I gotta wait 2 years...

    edit: what strain and how many plants??

    and 17.5 ounces
  5. Here are some of the pics of the trichomes a few days before harvest. They aint super clear but you would expect that from putting the camera lense infront of the eye hole of the microscope :D

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  6. fucking plus rep. amazing shit my man, very inspiring.

  7. Strain is 'The Church'. 3 plants in DWC hydro system using SCROG method under 400w HPS
  8. Holy shit balls batman, those are good pictures. That one looks like it has a drop of blood floating in it.
  9. Haha nice man

    Yeah I've been thinking of getting a hydro system when I finally do start growing because of the crazy yields it can bring. Does the cost of the bud you would've paid for overshadow the cost of the equipment, electricity etc? I know it does with soil growing but with hydro setups you have a lotta shit running
  10. Ya dude thats some crazy shit right there.
    I have a few other pictures that are similar. All the dark cloudy trichomes have a wierd shape of amber showing up in them. It almost looks like a tiny world in a glass bowl :rolleyes:
  11. cool, i have 1 church plant that will be harvested on the 17th, along w/ my 5 other plants, 3 master kush, 1 big bang & 1 skunk special. ima gonna do a 2 stage harvest, the top half 1st, then going to let the lower buds mature more, bc these are 5ft+ tall plants, so the lower half is behind bc of lack of light.
  12. Oh yeah for sure. im guessing this will yield around 200 grams in the end. Here where i live, thats like over 1000$ in total .

    Once you have setup, the only maintenance cost is the electricity, nutrient mix, and of course the PH solution. I use 5 gallon buckets for each plant, so i go through ALOT of PH down solution. Oh then of course your cloning powder/gel, but that shit lasts for ever ;)

  13. Yeah same hay.
    I think one day when i could possible dedicate a bedroom to growing, ill make some a system so that there are HPS lights on top and the sides and possibly underneath.
    My grow has a F**K load of bud beneath the SCROG wire. If i had a HPS under there somehow, im sure the yield would double :p
  14. Shit thanks bro! How much is your average elec. bill? Because I can get nutrients in bulk so I'd never have to worry about that and I'm probably gonna not use 5 galls.
  15. Im not quite sure how much extra electricity the 400 HPS costs me. I hardly notice it ono my bill since its only one light.
    This is a guess, so please no one shoot me down for this: Most counrties are charged per Kilowatt hour.
    if im using a 400w HPS light, that means im using 0.4 KwH(kilowatt hours) per hour. its on 12 hours a day for the full month of 30 days. That means its on 30 days x 12 hours = 360 hours a month. So 360 hours per month @ 0.4 KwH is 360 * 0.4 = 144 KwH per month on the electricity bill. Now that is just the necessary amount needed to power the bulb. You still to power the ballast which keeps the bulb ignited. The ballast electricity required is unknown to me. I think it maybe the same about required to power the bulb, so in this case, 0.4KWH per hour again. BUT, this varies depending on the type of ballast you have as far as im aware. Digital ballasts work the best, where as im using a normal 'analog' (LOL) ballast which probably requires more power to juice up the bulb.
    Hope that kinda helps :p
  16. Ah that's what I like to hear! So basically, all growers no matter soil or hydro are saving a lot over buyers! Makes me not wanna buy anymore lol
  17. 640 grams. Holy bejesus!
  18. yeah but thats wet weight and still on the stems. The stems hold alot of water/moisture.
    Cant wait to weigh the final results!:hello:
  19. Very nice man, did u get that those church seeds from Greenhouse seeds?
    I'm currently growing the church myself, outdoor though, and i can say i would be a very pleased man with that kind off quality. How much plants did those 600 grams came from.

    Enjoy your homegrown dankness friend.
  20. I say 6 oz dry.
    usually after drying they lose about 75% of there weight
    But all in all it looks very nice. Definitely a good yield for 3 plants
    good job

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