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My Christmas Present (QP OF DANK!)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by king_43, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. My buddy who gets medical from a cali caregiver usually always has the BEST around here (plus being my co worker he gives me a good deal) Plus my parents are some pretty badass parents, they know I smoke and when they asked what I wanted for Christmas I told em literally a cutie of some danky dank. no shit my father asked me what the going ticket was. and here is a grand later :) 4 Different kinds didnt remember their names.

    lemme know what you guys think, I havn't even got to sample all the different strains yet :) im sure my day will be very hazy lol
  2. the very last picture is of the zip of the darker bud on the far right of the pic w/ 4 bags, any idea why its darker? buddy said maybe picked alittle late?
  3. spoiled. that is all.

    actually, also, jealous. now that is all.
  4. Your parents bought u it?
  5. That brown looking stuff looks bammer to the average eye.. I bet it will get you stoned as fuck.
  6. YOUR PARENTS ARE THE SHIT :smoke: id love to meet them, people in their late thirtys and above are awesome to get high with! Its like they have an entirely different preference in smoking also, most of them claimed hash and oil was more available then bud when they were in their teens.:smoke:

    Great pictures by the way, toke on man!
  7. guess i was born in the wrong cabbage patch.
  8. the crazy thing is they are both straight edge, dont drink nor smoke, neither has EVER smoked pot. They have seen me drunk, stoned etc, and they MUCH rather see me smoke than anything else and i probably have alittle touch of add so pot is really like medicine to me i dont have to take xanax to sleep, its my adderall w/o all the fucked up effects. but they are both open minded and when shown the facts actually see them. not like most people here in the bible belt. they see alot of my friends all on pain pills and wonder why cant they just smoke a joint?
  9. yes im not going to lie they bought it for me. straight up. Dad asked me what I wanted told him a damn qp of some dank lol, joking around like. he asked what they were going for told him, he asked me what I usually pay per week for a qtr. Didn't take him long to figure out what would save me a shit ton of money and keep me in the green :)
  10. Best way to seal it up for long term storage? I am assuming a vac sealer is what im going to use once I find it. buddy told me mason jars which I have used on a zip or two but im hoping to make this last much longer than a month or two

  11. so sick dood wish my parents would do that, they know i do smoke but they wuld never buy it for me as a gift, there not that cool lol
  12. [​IMG]
    after I sealed what Im going to store
  13. Just a tip don't store grinded in those your bag will be full of trichomes and ur bud will have a lot less nugs store let like that lOsing minimal thc
  14. mason jars my friend,unless your shipping that bud somewhere,dont vac seal it,all your doing is bricking it up and damaging the trichs.

    also badass that your parents bought you that,my parents smoke and are cool but would never spoil me with a qp of dank.
    hell i dont even think im getting shit for christmas this year.
  15. Greatest Parents in the History of the world award?

    I think so:cool:
  16. damn why u dipping into ur presents a month early
  17. im also impressed that ur parents drop a grand on u for christmas presents, id be lucky to get 50-100 dollar valued gift, anyways not talking shit, ur lucky
  18. dude...almost the same avatar. whoa
  19. I would think that brown bud would be a heavy couch lock, they all look great!
  20. Weird! but congrats. 1 grand for christmas? haha bad ass my son. You should have put it in Mason jars!

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