My chocolate santa clause bong :)

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  1. Remember those big, hollow, chocolate santa clauses you used to get for christmas? Well, a few nights ago, I was about to hit my pipe, then I happen to glance at my other desk and there it was, just begging to be turned into a personal bong. I'll upload pics later, but I cut a hole the size of a gatorade cap on the top to hit it from, and a small hole near the bottom on the side to put my pipe in. The very bottom sort of caved in, but I decided to use this as a positive thing and use it as a shotgun.

    Now after every time I use it, I'm tempted to eat it :D

    EDIT: I'm sure i'll get a lot of comments about it melting, I use it as a personal "toy", so it's not like it's getting passed around in a circle. So melting is not a problem.
  2. Pics or it didnt happen
  3. This ;)
  4. Subbing for pics, hoping for delivery.
  5. OP, that's gotta be one of the most original ideas I've heard for a bong, but I'd be careful about any munchie urges with that thing around...Unless you regularly clean your bongs with your tongue, I wouldn't eat any part of that thing... :eek:

    Cool idea tho...wonder if you could pop the holes in something like that and then put it in the freezer before you use it. Would it cool the smoke nicely? Prolly...

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