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  1. Ok guys so here it is. I can't get a girlfriend for the life of me. Sometimes I even wonder if I am straight. I mean i'm attracted to girls, I often fantasize about fucking girls, but I also find some guys attractive. I haven't had a girlfriend in probably 9 years. All my friends are guys, if they knew I found some of them hot I would be shunned.

    I always watch straight porn. I rarely watch gay porn other than the off occasion when I find a really cute guy. I can't talk to women but I can talk to guys but not in a gay way because i'm scared of their reaction and know their most likely straight. I had alot of gay experiences with my friends when I was little (like showing pp's touching and eventually even oral). I think this might be a big reason why I have gay tenancies.

    So whenever I talk to girls i get all shy and don't know what to say and think that whatever I say is going to be wrong and they are going to think im weird. But when I talk to guys i can talk to them and it's not a big deal. Sometimes when I masturbate I think back to my childhood memories of my gay experiences with friends and then i feel really gay for like the next 2 days until I watch enough straight porn to make up for it.

    So what is wrong with me grasscity. I really want a girlfriend but I can't get one and I think I might be somewhat gay and I don't know if I want a girl or a guy and I'm really confused and don't know which one to pick im thinking about just going for the guys because they seem so much easier and if I go to the gay bar i know i could get some action in probably 15 minutes but If I keep sticking to girls i might be stuck here lonely for the next 15 years. why cant girls be as easy as guys so that i could finally figure out why i'm gay or not.

    I resort to drugs to solve all my sexual problems because when I get high i can forget about finding a relationship but I think in the long run this is causing most of my problems because i'm high all the time. So if anyone wants to be gay with me or be straight with me pm cuz im down for anything kk cya guys.
  2. Maybe you're bi. I think that if you're still attracted to women in any way then you're either straight or bi. But check out some online dating things, go out with a few people (girls and guys) and just see what you think after that.
  3. Zippyz that didn't feel good at all man.
  4. You're a fkn homo , you showed dicks with friends and gave someone oral sex wtf. You're sick.
  5. yo forreal guys dont flame this dude. How would u like it if it people made fun of you for something let the man be. Thats just straight disrespectful.

    Op: idk what to tell you man, mabey trip on some acid and find your answers?
  6. In no way am I flaming. I'm doing the complete opposite. I'm the only one who gave him an answer to his question. He sucked a dudes dick and he's asking if he's gay ? Yes , you're a homo. Now change your ways.

  7. If i'm a homo then why am I attracted to girls? Just because ive experimented with guys doesn't make me a straight up homo. and i've done acid before, I didn't find any answers, i just got really fucked up.
  8. and what do you mean you aren't flaming? you called me "sick". What does being gay have to do with being "sick"? You seem to be a homophobe, and you do realize that homophobes have a very high chance of being gay themselves right? Fuck why am I telling you this, you obviously already know.
  9. fuck you man. the guy asked an honest question and you are bein a straight up dick. Not cool.

    but OP, if you swing both ways, thats great. maybe go find some gay dudes to talk to, idk im not gay so i cant tell you how to make shit right
  10. hmmmmm youre not flaming? i cant imagine why anyone would choose such a life, they cant help things they are born with. they are oppressed and hated for a usuallypeaceful lifestyle. get the fuck out da box.
  11. Find a good shrink if you're freaking out about it so bad. Otherwise, I usually tell people to grow some balls and man up (i.e. speak to some women instead of being a puss about it).

    Just get out there and try, otherwise hit up a gay bar and chat with some of the people there, maybe you'll get some useful advice. Other than that, you're on your own.
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    lol goblin all offended about the thread ... sum1 hidin sum Gayness deep down ... COUGH "GOBLIN" COUGH

    but to the op just try and see what you like man. i aint in ur situation and prolly never going to be but try to get your shit together and figure out what your gettin at

    P.S. and what dramacyde said.. just talk to a girl dude .. like for example.. you see a cute girl.. give her a smile or something and say wasup. ask her if she wants to smoke a blunt or something .. get talking to her and eventually you will pound Vaj
  13. nah dude, you're definitely homo.
  14. Quit hating on the dude i got a couple gay friends and everytime iv'e gone out to the club with them(real club not no gay bar wont be caught dead in one of those) they hook me up with one of there hot ass female friends.
  15. OP has been banned before, so he's getting banned again, and now this thread is pointless.

    However, those of you who have been not-so-nice in this thread should remember that disrespect is not welcome here and will not be tolerated.

    That is all.
    *wanders off*
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