My Chicago Disc golf adventure thread (courses played often)

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    I've been playing a lot of disc golf lately just because it is such a stoner sport. I belong to an Ultimate Frisbee team at my school, and that leaves me with a lot of people to play frolf with. There are a ton of courses in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, but I have to travel a bit from the west burbs.

    Courses I've played this month, with the course review, and my scores.

    Highland Park
    Highland Park in Joliet, IL - Disc Golf Course Review

    New lenox
    Haine's Wayside Park in Joliet (New Lenox), IL - Disc Golf Course Review

    Lewis Lockport University
    Lewis University DGC in Romeoville, IL - Disc Golf Course Review

    My Discs are pretty straight forward. Nothing too fancy yet.:)




    I'm playing again tomorrow, so I will post pics of the course

    Post Anything Disc Golf Related!!!
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  2. I am enjoying the courses as well. Thanks for stopping by man. I'll play that course some day before winter sets in.
  3. Those fields look pretty sick man. Especially that one that's all in the woods and such.
  4. It's stoners paradise man. There is a spot in the woods with benches that are no doubt intended for blazing.

    Most of the people on the course as baked as well
  5. Oh hell yea!! A stoner sport! haha Imma go there with a pack of pearled swishas! by the way, i saw my first foil fresh swisher
  6. Haha white owls are my blunt of choice, but I'll usually roll up any cigarillo.
  7. Star T-rex ftw
  8. I played Highland Park, Joliet today. Temperatures were perfect, and there was little to no wind.

    I ended up shooting -2 and my buddy shot a +1. The course is a blast to play, and there are many smoking spots throughout the 18 holes.

    I love the hole marker signs, by far the best course legend I've seen.


    Each Tee has a beginner, intermediate, and advanced location, and all the tees are cement.



    There are a variety of holes, some with a straight shot through the woods, and others curving around into the forest.


  9. Hoping to head back to highland again today. Yesterday there was some sketchballs out there,so today I will most likely pack my bowie knife in my disc bag.

    Joliet isn't the best area -_-
  10. looks like a blast man. I have never played. I got to give this a try sometime. And all those courses are within an 45 minute drive
  11. Like I said before, I'm open to playing a course with any of you chicago tokers. If you can throw a frisbee than you can learn the sport quickly. you can grab a beginner disc set at any sports store for around 20 bux.
  12. hell ya dude. Ill def look into this. My car is pretty much fixed up now
  13. Chicagoland's best courses seem to be in the Joliet area, but there are some great courses throughout the whole windy city. Sometimes I will play multiple courses due to the fact I have about 5 within a 20 min drive.
  14. Nice pics of Highland, I remember playing there now that I see it.

    If you want to head a little bit north, these are some of the courses I played out there, I was living in Schaumberg at the time:

    This was a pretty fun course and I played it more than others due to proximity. Had a lot of open shots and one hole was like 715', it was ridiculous. Part of the course played around this cattail garden, so you have to be very careful with your shots or you kiss your disc bye-bye.

    Shady Oaks Park in Streamwood, IL - Disc Golf Course Review

    If you have time to make a day out of it, this course is awesome and very well kept. It's almost like playing on a real golf course. They have a short course and a long course, I never played the short though.

    Anna Page Park - West in Rockford, IL - Disc Golf Course Review

    This course was fantastic, but it's really popular. If you try to go on the weekends there is usually a tourny going on.

    Lippold Park in Crystal Lake, IL - Disc Golf Course Review

    If I ever make it back up to Chi-town, I'll def hit you up to toss some rounds.
  15. Thanks for the info bro! Always looking for new courses. My parents actually live in Rockford so I will for sure check out the coures. You said there are tourneys on the weekends there?
  16. Yea, three of the times I went to play on a Saturday they had a tourney going on. Two of them were amateur comps, I think you can enter for 20 bucks and you get a disc out of it so it's a pretty sweet deal. One of the times was a full blown pro event though, fuckin Ken Climo was there and shit. That was pretty cool, we hung out and watched those guys for a bit. It's scary how good they are.
  17. I played highland park again today with another friend. I shot a -2 through 15 holes because my buddies arm was hurting. All he throws is hammers for some reason.

    Nice day, but a little breezy.
  18. Nice aviar got me one of those. Heres some pics of my course even though I live in NC


  19. That's awesome man. Looks heavily wooded on that hole:wave:

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