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  1. Greetings everyone! I am D. This here is my grow. I am a happy parent of 2 bagseed babies! On March 15th 2012 I became a very proud father. :hello:

    Anyway, I had a bunch of bagseeds and wanted to see if anything would even happen if I tried to germinate them in a wet paper towel. Well, unexpectedly I had 2 of 3 of the seeds explode into existence!

    However, I was totally unprepared and ignorant! So I spent the last week learning EVERYTHING I possibly could about growing to ensure that my babies can have a long, stinky, prosperous life. :D

    So I went out and bought a few things! I bought 2 lamps with x2 23w CFL lights at 6500k and have about 3380 lumens blasting down, Fox Farms soil, a few fans, a hygrometer, a humidifier, and a few miscellaneous items.

    I have a 5 thousand dollar water purification system so I always have clean water. I run about 40% humidity and about 79 degrees Fahrenheit. I plan on buying a 400W HPS bulb, Fox Farms ferts, and a Mylar grow box on week 3 and switch to a 12/12 plan.

    Well today is day 6 and it appears I am having some issues. All the leaves are bent upwards towards the light. I water about once a day since the soil goes bone dry in one day, I even put my finger in to test the soil and there's not moisture at all. I am thinking I am over or under watering. My pH level is 6.9 and I also have the soil at a 75 soil 25 perlite mix. I will attach some pics for further analysis.

    I hope to share the experience and give back to the community when I can. Thanks for any advice and please feel free to offer constructive criticism!


    P.S. Sorry for bad pics, only have access to a cell :(

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  2. how close are the lights to the plants? cfls need to be within 2-3 inches of plant
  3. They're about 3 inches, I think a little less.
  4. They look even worse today... I think my next grow I will just run a HPS the whole life...
  5. What is the watt output on those cfls?? I'm running two cfls and a t5 grow light with fox farm ocean, anf mine seem to be doing ok... Maybe lights arnt the issue???
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    23 a piece, so I have only 46W for two seedlings.
  7. i just google imaged fox farm soil and LOL. this company should really upgrade its packaging art to something more like stoner land... if this is at all... possible?
  8. Yeah, if you're not sure what soil to buy, look at how colorful the packaging is.
  9. So yesterday I moved the lights farther away and a turned to a 18/6 and they exploded in size overnight and un wilted themselves!
  10. UPDATE

    Today I got my Fox Farms items. Big Bloom, Grow Big, and Tiger Bloom. I also ordered up a 400W ballast and reflector with a MH and HPS bulb. I also ordered up a Mylar grow tent!

    It should all arrive on Friday!

    I had a question on using my FF products though... I started at 1/4 strength with the Big Bloom and 1/4 strength Grow Big. I mixed it all in a half gallon of water (used dosages accordingly with only half gallon). Can I let the FF products stay mixed together in the water jug and use them until it's gone? Or do I need to refill with fresh FF and water every time I water?

    Also, how often do people generally use the FF foods? Every other watering or so?

  11. Some pics.

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  12. Lookin good. Yes feed every other watering. And dont start em at full strength. 1/4 strength to start. You can easily add very hard to take away.

  13. And yeah use em till its done. Just give Jug a shake before use. Helps aerate the food too

  14. hps isn't good for seedlings and even very young plants ,you're better off with t5 flourescents

  15. As long as heat is controled it will work jim dandy. They will veg a more vigorously under the hps/mh. Vs flouro

  16. As long as heat is controled it will work jim dandy. They will veg a more vigorously under the hps/mh. Vs flouro

  17. Right on, thanks for the reply!

    I started at 1/4 strength with Big Bloom and Grow Big today. I plan on using both the FF products every other watering. :hello::hello:
  18. Also guys,

    I am running my cheesy CFLs now. When my MH and HPS arrive Friday I will swap to the MH bulb until they're about 18" tall.

  19. Awesome, these ferts will last for a long time then!

  20. so much for cheap grow. sounds like you've got the gear to grow some huge plants and some fat buds! :hello:

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