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  1. Well I built myself a grow box for my AeroGarden. Now cause its a AeroGarden I didn't need no fancy grow room so built me a cheep grow box. I bought 3 of the tri boards kids use for science fairs. I took 2 of them and put them together to make a box. I used tape and made sure I tape the box together on all sides to get it nice and sturdy leaving one side untape so I can use that for my door. I took the last tri board and cut it to make the top of the box and taped it down on the inside and the outside to it. Then I tape the box down to the table in my camper to make sure no light will get into it along with wont move.

    I then took a car visor to block the light out of your car window and put it inside the box and taped it down so it will not move to give me the reflecting sides I wanted.

    Then I took the extra boxing material and made 2 L boxes. On one of the L box I made I placed it and attached it on top of the grow box and cut into the grow box on top and place a fan laying down inside the box laying down on top of the grow box. this way it will work as an exhaust system to suck air out of the box and it will never show the light of day because of the L shape.

    I then took the other L shape box I made and attached it to the side of the grow box and cut threw the growbox and the L shape box and had it standing up to put air into the grow box. This way also cause of the grow box it will never let light come into it.

    Now I am ready to get my plants to flower!!! I also added an extra air pump to the system.

    The cost break down for grow box.

    3 tri boards. $2 each $6
    car window shade $5
    4 inch fans 2 of them $5 each $ 10
    extra air pump $6
    for my grow box $27

    Think I did good!!!! air pump.jpg growbox open.jpg my grow set up.jpg every corner taped closed and dark.jpg is where exhause system input will be.jpg nice relective surface.jpg
  2. Am ready to take my plants to the flowering phase.  How long should I go before changing nutes.  Am ready to start using the flowering nutes but how long before changing to the 12/ 12 time do I change the nutes. Week 2 or what?
  3. Yeah thats what's usually done for flower, start of week two do a simple flush and start your flower feed. Also you may want to raise that water pump higher then the water level to insure it doesn't have water run down the tube into the unit. Unless of course you have one of those little plugs that prevent this in the air line.
  4. ive been checking on your grow blog. im really surprised the aerogarden has been working so well but thats awesome!

    i considered getting one long ago as a very basic setup i could use for herbs after i upgrade, i think i may reconsider after i see your crop :)
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  5. I do. but thank you for all the info you have given me
  6. Will keep you informed on how my stuff grows. I have done a lot of research on how to grow with mine and so far the tricks I have been taught have been working.  Still first time growth though so keeping fingers crossed.  But my plants look real heathy and are kicking ass.  Now the next step the flowering phase.  Said will try to keep the blog up to date to see how all this goes but for no more work then I have done is looking very good to me.  I am limited in space to grow and when I won this one playing online poker I figured why not.  If all I get is an oz or 2 I would be tickled with that.  But one of my friends who has one is getting around 5 oz each time he grows in his.  So as said would be happy to get 1 to 2 but 5 I would be tickled beyond repair.  lol   I also bought some seeds from over seas.  here is the link to them.  For my next grow I will try to grow one seed of these!!!!  I bought 3 of them.  So lol planning for the future grow.!!!!  lol
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  7. And Thanks

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