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    If you've followed me over from my thread in 'grow room set up and design' (CGE Questions), it's good to see you again and welcome! If you have not followed me over I invite you to not only take a seat here but to go look over there too, and welcome! Along with A LOT of reading and research, I have taken advice from the likes of Rumpleforeskin, Bud Nukem and some others here at GC. I know it still may bit a bit of a bumpy road but I hope all of my hard work and time will pay off for me before too long! Enjoy, and any and all advice and comments are welcome and encouraged! Here we go.........................
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    FLOWER ROOM: 17.25' X 8' X 8' ceiling
    STRAIN: Island Kush.........
    (4) 600W HPS in Cool Tubes on YO-YOs
    400 CFM fan on 3'long/10" round scrubber ducted through cool tubes
    10,000 btu wall A/C unit
    Shop heater
    C02 (bottles)
    65 pint per hour dehumidifier-continuous drain
    CHHC-1 climate controller
    RO H20
    (2) box fans (C02 line attched to one for disbursement)
    High output air pump w/12 site manifold
    (4) sets of (4) BBs. Each with re-circulation system 12 plants/4 reservoirs
    (4) Scrogs- 4.5' X 4.5' each 20" above buckets
    Floor drain w/grate-drains to leech pit
    Nutes: Lucas Formula

    (4) MOTHERS: (1) 2 bulb 80w 4' T12 flourescent light (fixed), Vic's Super Soil, 4 gal. pots

    CLONES: (1) 2 bulb 80w 4' T5 HO flourescent light on chains, (2) 9 site Cloner Buckets-2" net pots/neprene inserts, Via Agua 1300 H20 pumps, 1/2" pvc manifold, EZ Cloner sprayers, RO H20

    VEG: (1) 400w MH in cool tube- Ducted from the 400 CFM fan/scrubber in flower room. Duct goes through flower room wall followed by a 6" inline duct booster fan and back into the flower room.
    (1) small air circ. fan mounted on wall.
    (2) 8 site veg tubs-Aeroponic/Fogponic/DWC-Via Aqua 1300 H20 pump (1 each), 1/2" pvc manifold (1 each), Fogger/float (1 each), (2) 2 outlet air pumps/air stones ( 1 set up each).
    Nutes: Lucas Formula

    MANICURE/DRY/CURE AREA: Same space as mother/clone/veg area
    Manicure-work bench
    Cure-cabinets/mason jars
    Dry- 475 linear feet of string to hang buds on

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  3. Awesome. Looking forward to this one. :smoke:
  4. Thanks, stop in as much as you'd like........
  5. Hi everyone. Since my last post I have transfered the plants in the BBs and lights are on 12/12. I thought I had a problem with root rot when transfering so I immediatly put the feelers out to get some answers. I started reading up on plant disease and with the help of some fine people here at GC I soon figured out it was algae. I added 7 oz of H202 to each of my 4 bucket set ups. (14 gal of H20 nute solution ea.-approx. 1/2 oz per gal) The plants seem to be doing well. They grew from 1 to 2 inches in 2 days. No signs of anything wrong at this point. Again, a little bit of algae (which I thought might have root rot when I first saw it) was on some of the roots on a few plants. Hopefully the algae from the lack of no ligh and the H202, will die. Anyway, here are some pix taken today. All plants are in day 3 of flower except the plant to the far left rear which is day 14 of flower. Again, you'll notice the re-circulation set up for each set of BBs. All buckets are the same PH and temp. No mixing the nutes daily! I'm likin' that A LOT.

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  6. Few more pix

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  7. Youre doing an awesome effing job bro. I am surprised you dont have more action here. People with grow envy i guess. lol

    Keep up the great growing bro I expect great things!:yay:
  8. Thanks Dr.HT....I want great things too! Just not gonna get my hopes up to high... LOL And yea, where's all the GC peeps? Oh well, I will still update for those of you who are watching...... There might be some folks that just want to watch without saying anything. That's cool too.................
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    Day 10 of flower.......... Notice my DIY light reflectores! LOL.........Hey they are better than nothing! Cardboard wih mylar stapled to it. I Put velcro on to help make it stick to the little crappy reflector that came with the cool tube. I also drilled a hole through the cardboard and the aluminum and used a nut and bolt to secure it. Works in a pinch....... My first nute solution change out with take place on this Sun. for one set of BBs. That will be only 12 days of flowering but those 3 ladies are thirsty! I will change my other 3 on tues. at the 14 day mark. I'm cool with that, as I won't have to do it all at once.

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    Day 25 of flower......The pix of the bigger flowers are the of the plant that is 11 days more into flowering than all the rest which is on day 36. These plants are going to too tall....Island Kush I found out is either all or mostly Sativa. If you notice on one of the middle tallest tops the leaves are getting bleached from being too close to the light. But that is the only one. Everything thing seems to be doing fine at this point. Temps never get over 90 and never below 80. Humidity never below 40 or never above 60. C02 at lights off maintains around 800/900 ppm and maintains 1800 ppm lights on. Nute solution maintains at 82. I broke a few tops when scrogging and put them into the cloner and got roots from both in 4 days! I'm really happy with all of the results so far and hope it stays that way. I am using the simple method of the Lucas formula. 4 bucket systems (3.5 gal in eack bucket for a total of 14 gal per system-Now it's 13 gal because of root displacement) When I add back that amount of water I drain and refill with full strenght nutes. Well.....I am having to drain and refill every 5 days! Yes, 5 days.........Not cool.....I am going to read up today on the other methods of using the L. formula and go that route. Anyway GC, until next time......

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  11. I have a bad habit of typing messages when i give rep so i repeat myself alot.

    awesome job on the grow bro! Super jealous..

    I did a small video update on my grow today, feel free to stop by no one else has haha. Im doin the same as you but on a 10th of the scale.
  12. lol, it's cool.... Thanks for the kind words and the +rep! Hey I went to look for your vid update but there isn't one. The last post to your journal was june 2nd........... Plants are lookin' real good my friend
  13. Hello all...........Here is an update. Day 40 of flower...................Island Kush I'm told is a 9 week flower. That means 3 more weeks or so. We'll see!.........

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  14. Couple more of day 40..........

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  15. Text book. :hello:

    What's the lineage of the Island Kush? Looks like a lot of sativa in her. I'm having to support my Super Lemon Hazes too, they stretched a lot more than I was expecting, the longest branches are almost 3 feet above the screen :eek:
  16. hey johnny....looking good.....havnt been keeping up with the thread, but i really like the way you got the trellis going...and the plants are all watered by ?

    sorry for asking these Q's, im sure you already answered them, but here goes...

    what water system you using?
    size of buckets?
    grow medium?
  17. Hey Joe........Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. Well, I'm using the Lucas formula and I add back to the res. The water is RO. I'm not gonna name the system because it's a pile of shit. I'm getting a new one. The water is coming out at 7.5 ph. and the auto shut off has never worked. Even after I installed new parts. The size of the buckets are 5 gal. Grow medium is hydroton. Plants are watered by me. approx. once a week I will add nutes back to the res. I add water daily.
  18. Well, I have some bad news GC......Being a newbie cost me. I learned a lesson that will not happen again. My crop was affected by mites. I thought I got them early on but I was HIGHLY mistaken. I tried organic methods to no avail. Then non organic which the plants DID NOT like. My plants suffered in the worst way. I ended up with almost 1.5 lbs (6 plants) of airy, not much smell, full of mites buds..........DAMN IT!!!! So what I did.....I grinded it all up and made butter!!! The chocolate chip cookies and brownies came out great. 600 cookies and brownies were yeilded. That in itself is a lot of damn work! Shopping for all things needed (Blender, butter, cheese cloth, containers, goodie mix), making the butter, making the goodies,packaging, and labeling. At least not all was lost. Right? This time around I am taking measures to insure that crop #2 will be safe. Man those Island Kush plants were big and beautiful..... We bombed and cleaned the shit out of the rooms and equipment. lady bugs are set free. Daily checks for intruders are being done. Measures will be taken at once if ANY foreign bug starts to populate. Crop #2 is G13 and is currently in veg. a few clones died once they were transfered to veg so other clones are currently in cloner. The G13 gets roots in 3 days. Some have 3" roots in 7 days!! That is crazy! I will have plants back in flower in no time. I am a little embarrased about the mite thing and the demise of the Island Kush ladies. BUT, live and learn and chalk it up to a very valuable lesson learned!.... On a good note, the room/s is/are working perfectly as far as equipment goes. This next crop should (holding breath) really kick ass..............Sorry I didn't update sooner GC.........
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  19. I am not sure of the lineage but yes, it's mostly sativa......
  20. Bummer about the mites man, I can't wait for round two though. Keep it green and definitely throw down some pics soon:D. LATER

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