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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by gr0wer, Jun 21, 2003.

  1. Check out my new cloning and seedling grow box. Its made out of a filing cabnet. The lights are 2x 19 watt daylight blue CF verticaly mounted and one 42 watt yellow CF horizontaly mounted in the center. The bulbs are rated 1100 lumens for the 2 19 watters and 2600 fror the one 42 watter, so thats 4800 lumens total. The area is a bit over 2 sq feet so i have ~2300 lumens per square foot with all the lights on and 1100 per square foot for seedlings to influence sexing. the less lumens is better for veging outdoor plants to keep the plants nodes a bit spaced out so they dont stretch when i transfer them. For ventilation i will be using 2 computer fans runing off a 12v battery charger, one for active exhausts and one for circulation. about circualtion, my first grow had alot of circulation and my secone one had no fan because the fan is what got me busted. I noticed the plants were alot weaker and less hardy and leaves were smaller and lighter in color, and the plants were from the same seed source. So good ventilation is improtant for even veging, wich i thought was only for flowering.

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  2. Set up looks awsome! :) Nice work, but I hope those lights are going to be closer to the pots.
  3. Lights look fixed.

    Don't bother moving them, just move the pots to the lights!

    Looks like a lovely clean job.


  4. Thanks, Yea its a hell of alot cleaner setup then my past 2 boxes that i threw togheter in a hurry. The lights are fixed and i dont think i will be moving the pots or anything, but i wont be using pots as small in the pic i will be using 5" square pots that are about 5 1/2" high the one in the pic is about 4" high. the box is mainly for rooting clones for my outdoor grows so light intensity isnt as important, and moving the light closer wont make them root any faster. However during veg they would grow busheyer if i moved the lights in. But then when i move them outside they would have tght node spacing down low then the above nodes will be more spaced out after they get moved outside.
  5. Nice set-up,
    its kinda like the one im making now, except mines a bit smaller,
    same fans and lights though,
    good job
  6. are you sure you cant use a little HPS?
  7. A HPS would fry them. The purpose of this box is to veg mums, sex them, take clones and bring the mums outside. I will then use it as an areo clone box so HID lighting isnt needed. Then i will bring the clones outside. My daylight bulbs are extrmely blue and ive been pleased with them for veg.
  8. if its just for veg i guess fllouros will be fine, but an air cooled HPS wouldnt hurt;)

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