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My Ceiling Ate My Weed!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SmokinSmoker420, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Long Read but,Please Read I Need Help!

    Hey GC, Im soo upset right now! This is basically what happned...So last night i was chillin smokin some herb:cool:. I decided finally after a good smoke sesh to put down the bong and go to sleep. So I hid my shit in my usual spot (in the celing). This smorning i decided to check how much i had left...AT LEAST A ONE GRAM NUG WAS LEFT. And when i reached my hand up their...IT WASENT THEIR...I know my 'rents didnt take grinder was their...I searched everywhere...poked my head up with a flash the trash AND COUCH...ETC! Any logical and some illogical stash spaces...So GC after many hours of searching im still dry and goin to bed..SOBER tonight.

    Im kind of asking for help too...What are some of the most retarded places youve ever found ur weed...I need help really bad and im desperate...So please no BS answers!

    If I EVER findit illpost details...
  2. Hey guys BTW tonight im goin to turn into towelie from south park...When i get high with the lil bit i have in my grinder...Ima think up some ideas :smoke:...Keep Tokin GC!

  3. lmfao@ the awkward smile ......:cool:
  4. Mouse. TRUST ME, they love eating weed.
  5. HOLY SHIT! A fuckin mouse prolly ran of with my fucking stash!! it was in a plastic bag the exact size to fit the nug picked it up with his teeth and took off FUCK!!...Lil Fuckers
  6. Ya true story. Mice and birds love weed. My friends dad had this bird that ate weed and drank beer.
  7. Hey guys im erally pissed is it possible a mouse like ran of with my stash!! Im sketched out now noo and soo fuckin pissed!!:(:confused:

  8. lol calm down.. If i were you i'D confront the rents. They probably found your stash and smoked it
  9. Thot about this...My step dad has HORRIBLE back pain that he refuses to take meds for and smoked a shit ton of pot wen he was younger but is now ANTI WEED...Maybe hes back into it to help the pain and dont want me to find out? Also you guys think if i blaze up tonight with the half gram i got left in my grinder that it will help me find my stash like help me remember?
  10. Scrape that grinder bro :D haha When I scrape mine I usually get a hit or two. When I lived in NC there was this bridge that kids used to smoke bud at (it was great, you used to be able to walk down this bridge where like 10 groups of kids were smoking lol and you could just walk down it and ask everyone just for a hit haha. Youd be high by the time you made it to the bottom) After like a year the cops started watching it. If you went there during the day you could find a lil sack that someone had ditched in a bush sometimes lol.

    Sorry to hear about your problem OP. Thats really strange how it vanished.:(
  11. yes. i think that will help you remember
  12. Yo guys ill b right back ima go get a lil high to help me get some ideas:smoke:

    And BTW thanks for all the help its been great!
  13. A mouse is a very real possibility if it was just one nugget. That bitch wouldnt stand a chance to a big mousey that wanted to eat, or get high, or both at the same time. Mouse catch a distant wiff of smell mouse follow it and its gone in a matter of hours. Not every house has mice and im sure you would know if you have mice because they are noisy at night crawling around. Maybe your nugget if it was roundish rolled away. Or you got so high you contradicted your usual actions and came up with a crafty new hiding spot and then breifly forgot about it during your slumber.
  14. this.

  15. They use it as a bedding material. One time in my dads old house he found a mouse home in the wall and his bed was a mixture or cotton, leafs and bud! He didn't know where the mouse got the bud though. Maybe he grew it.

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