My caught story...January 14th

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Character0, Sep 9, 2007.

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  1. So let me give you guys some info leading up to the day....January 13 is my best friends birthday. WE have smoked at least 200 times together. I wanted it to be a special night for him so i bought 1/4 just for me and him. We got back to my house because his parents said he could sleep over since it was his birthday. We waited about 20 minutes for my parents to go to sleep and the windows were opened and we had 2 bowls packed ready to go. Our night lasted about 4 hours. In that time we burned about 11 bowls of some headie tree. At about 4 in the morning we went to sleep, we were burnt as some people call it and couldnt smoke anymore....Now for the big day..........We both woke up at about 10:30 ate some breakfast and just contemplated on what we did the previous night. I checked our stash to see how much we had left and about a gram was sitting in the bag. Let me just tell you that that night wa going to be our last night of smoking for two months because we both had physicals where they required pee tests, not for drugs just for healthyness. So we decided to go out and smoke the rest. We told my mom that we were going to stretch our legs, but really we were going to go blaze. NExt door to my house is a small cemetary, so we went behind there to smoke. IT was kind of a dumb idea from the start because behind the wall where we smoked was a house, and they could have easily have seen us. So i packed up a bowl and we smoked it pretty quickly, then we actually decided to stretch our legs and go for a walk. After about 10 minutes of walking we both decided that we would do one more bowl then give the rest of the weed to a friend of ours. So we went back up to our spot and i packed it up again. we each took about 3 hits each when he said dude the cops. I said mike theres no cops and when i looked up to my amazement there was actually a patrol car sitting at the top of the street. So many thoughts werre running through my mind i had no idae what to do. I took the initial reaction and grabbed mike and told him to run. Now mike isnt the brightest kid in the world and decided to wear sandels that day. So running for him really was out of the question. When we got the the end of the hill from where we ran from we heard the cops yelling stop where you are. Now me and mike are two very respectable jewish kids and of course we stopped. i threw all of our shit into a bush and talked to the cops. The convo went like this......
    cop-someone made a call that two boys were smoking behind the cemetary
    me- hmm thats wierd we were just walking around here so we could stretch our legs
    cop-so then what did you just throw in the bush (at this point i almost shit my pants) the cop went into the bush found my weed and bowl....At that point i started saying how it was our stuff and we didnt know what it was someone gave it to us to try and we stupidly agreed to do so....Now come on people no one wants to get int trouble like that so of course they would make up somebullshti excuse...Me and mike were almost in tears.....The officer said well this is what well do, we wont put anything down on your record, but we are goingto have a word with your parents.....So of course we were glad that we didnt get any charges, but them telling our parents was almost just as bad. They were really pissed and grounded us both for about 2 months(mikes parents were there too)....In that time i still smoked a little bit and so did he but we promised ourselves not to be dumb like that ever again.....Well fortunately for mike he was smart about it and almost right when i was aloud back outt again my mom found a bookbag under my bed filled with a bowl weed grinder, etc.............This was all over half a year ago and me and mike still smoke but are extremely cautiouss.....Hey what can i tell you people WE LOVE WEED!
  2. Man that made me laugh my ass off. And your parents still ground you when your over 18?
  3. yeah. I live in there house so I abide by there rules
  4. hahahahahahahahahahaha that day really sucked and your right is is kinda a funny story but r rents r gay as shit and ground us for everything
  5. btw Fish is the other mike
  6. you gotta be like 15ish lol

    no way im buyin your 18 dude, no offence. I could be wrong. Horribally wrong. But my gut tells me otherwise.
  7. Ever heard the statement, Your under my house, my rules?

    Thats what we both live by
  8. Yeah...but GROUNDING you? That\'s childish. You must not be respecting them or they wouldn\'t pull that juvenile stuff on you. I can\'t imagine a parent actually telling a 18+ ADULT that they are grounded...sorry.
  9. in any case you both acted like retards lol

    honestly how fucking hard is it to ditch a pig in a god damn grave yard and if that ain\'t possible cuz your boy is too much of a sissy to ditch the sandles \'n run barefoot and you don\'t wanna leave \'em to ditch your stash properly

    you gotta be either young or young in the head to land yourself in that situation cuz even at 12 me \'n mine could pull off talking our way outta having cases of beer bottles of hard liquor and sacks of nug

    guess jewish kids aren\'t as quick on the uptake as italian kids cuz back then we managed to talk our way outta drinking in expensive ass hotels without a room or a valid reason for being there lol
  10. dude thats messed up. dont put down other people based on religon ...
  11. for the record fuck you dood, seriuosly what does me being jewish have to do with shit, ill fuck your ass up. and for everyone else my parents actually give a shit about me and since im not in college i stay at their place live by there rules.. we both do...
  12. Well im not guna get into religiouse and race stuff, yall can argue on that but i mean come on be smart about where you smoke and heres a tip if you start to run from the cops and they tell you to quit dont puss out and quit. And just for the record im not buying that yall are 18 as most respectable 18 year olds either have a car or dont live with there parents.
  13. lmfao ok fish you\'re boy obviously put the jewish thing out there with a silly ass \'of course we stopped\'

    others picked up on it and I further added to the comedy

    guess neither of you under 18\'s can beat foot on cop or take a joke

    @greenganja - lol religion isn\'t to be respected be it christian muslim hindu or jew as they have all caused pain \'n suffering with their silly beliefs and none have taken responsibilty for what they\'ve fucked up but in the context of this thread I was mearly busting some teenie bopper balls for actually getting caught

    edit- lol yeah fish fuck my ass up if ya can but you\'re gonna have to pay for my plane ticket to wherever ya\'ll live to have a go
  14. Dude, why did you run? Mistake #1 right there is seeing the cops and just running away makes you look guilty.

    Mistake #2 is that you didn\'t go to a chill spot. If you two have smoked nearly 200 times before together you should both know that neighborhoods in broad daylight are not the best for toking the herbage.

    Mistake #3 is that you tossed the shit where the cop could see it. If you would have just held on to it, or even jammed it up your ass, he would have nothing on you. Cops can\'t just straight up dig in your asshole to find something, sure they can pat you down for weapons, but no way can they dig in your crotch...unless you run like a bitch and act like a guilty suspect, I\'m not sure about that.

    The cop cut you a break by not busting you, learn from those mistakes and next time smoke a spliff outside so you can always drop it down a sewer pipe or when you toss it in a bush it will be really tough to find.
  15. lord had mercy..........we found our next Marc Emery\'s right here. True freedom fighter prodigys you two are..

    but for real you guys should give the herb up. I mean whens the last time you heard of cops chasing young white males for smoking weed? take your sandels off big wuss
  16. ha ok so what if were not 18, waht are you gunna do be a bunch of douche bags and get us kicked off, honestly... and another thing that was the first time we ever got in trouble for anythng serious and we didnt know what to do, i thoguth that this whole website was about posting stories and people watching them, not getting into depth detail of this shit.. get a life pussies
  17. You agreed to the rules and guidelines when you joined the forum which clearly state that you have to be 18 to use this forum. I was able to tell you aren\'t 18 before I even read the original post. You type like a 10 year old.
  18. hey man i am jewish too and i also love buds, and jewish kids are no slow on the uptake. i have been in some tight spots and gotten away clean as a virgins pussy so its all about the person, not the religion.
  19. btw guys Fish is 18, he\'s just trying to prove a point i guess
  20. Unless you prove otherwise, that you are infact 18, than your in violation of the rules. No parent grounds a kid after 18.

    Face it, you guys lied when signing up, and got caught becouse you outed YOURSELVES.

    Thread Closed, Too much derogatory name calling and bashing.

    and also:

    When someone is underage, or you THINK they are. REPORT INSTEAD OF FLAMING. anyone who flamed no matter what, is subject to the same rules that everyone else is SUPPOSED to read.
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