My cats!

Discussion in 'General' started by stonygurl, May 7, 2002.

  1. i am still trying to get the hang of scanning and uploading pictures...

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  2. Hey I did it! now I hope I can rememer how I did it next time I want to post a picture of something.
  3. I think I had to be carried home that night!

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  4. Great pics stony, You look as beutiful as ever. I am getting a scanner next month. Then i'll send pics of me to you. May have some with out close!!!

    Later darlin!
  5. Very FINE pictures!! :smoking:
  6. Well, cool pix!

    Your eyes look a little red. You weren't smoking any marijuana that night were you?

    awwwww! I'm tellin'!
  7. What a cutie-pie!

    I also liked that big bosom your resting on!!
  8. Hi Stony!

    I love your kitties...I have 4 myself...and 3 mice (yuck!). The mice belong to my son, who decided to let them go swimming in the bath tub with him a couple of nights ago. We found that the mice don't swim all that now we are down to one of the little varmits. It's kind of funny to see all 4 cats staring for hours at this cage with the mice in it...poor kitties.
    Nice pic of you look happy...[​IMG]...maybe a little stoned...[​IMG]....a little drunk...[​IMG]...:cool: But, I just have to say one thing Stony...what where you like 5 or 6 when you had your son? Girlfriend, you remind me of my sis who is 35...and looks like she's 16.

  9. BPP, I was wondering when someone would comment on that nice bosom. I was wondering what the hell I was doin, meself!! ;) Just call me boobchin lol!!! Ahhh, but then you know I'm a kinky Florence Hendersen, right!??

    As a matter of fact, Bud Burner, we WERE sneaking off to my girlfriend's truck to smoke that night. Hmm..imagine that!! Everyone thought I was just drunk. Could be due to the fact that all night I had a drink in each hand. Hey, If everyone else is buyin', why not?!!!! Colorado Bulldogs and beer...YUMMMM! What a fun time it was, too!!

    What a way to find out that mice don't swim, justme!! I hope your son wasn't too heartbroken. Sounds like the kitties might be. I love my cats-the fatass, Toby, has 6 toes on his front feet and the young one, Sisco, is cross-eyed. Between the two of them, they sure keep us entertained. Thanks for all the compliments!! Now I wish my boyfriend would give 'em as freely hehe.

    Have a great day, all. Peace!!
  10. AWWW your cats are cuties :) And you're one beautiful stony girl! :D Drunk, too as I see, and... STONED? budburner's right your eyes DO look a lil red...
    What would your mother say? :D
  11. *hugs stony just like that* hehe
    whata doll
    i hope ya get to smile like that on everyday of your life!
  12. ......I'm slowly starting to realize that I may well be the ugliest blade in the city!

    I never thought I would hear the words "kinky" and "Florence Henderson" in the same sentence.

    Lookin good babe!
  13. you have the most adorable cats and ur very pretty too. how much did you smoke that night huh? maybe it was the drinks too huh? lol.

  14. NOOOOOOOOOO Smokie I think that would be me!!! One day I get a pic on here and you can see that I weigh 300lbs, look like an old troll, and need electrolsyis very badly.


  15. Hell, We've all known that for years. where have you've been? Oklahoma or some other desolate cowtown.

  16. Well now I really feel like I know you!!!! I can place a face with that E-mail!!! I love your kitties, too!!! The cat I have now is a yellow kitty like yours!!! He's about three now. I had a few other cats since he showed up but I think he ran them off!!!
    You are a little cutie, aren't you!!! I see what Mr. Budhead is so excited about!!!
    I have been kinda wantin to put a pic of me up in here but I've been never know what people will do. Also if my ol' man seen it he'd have to remind me of what a dumass he thinks I am. I'm kinda gettin' used to that........I know I'm not a dumass, it's just his powertrip. I know the reality of things. Anyway, if you don't mind Stony, I'll stick my pic in here with yours. Cool?

    This picture was probly 3 years ago and I don't have my glasses on or my hair tied up........which is how I normally goes......................

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  17. HOLY SHIT............THERE I AM........That does kinda make me nervous..........
  18. Here's a more recent one....with my eyes the bar, while the ol' man's band was on break. That's the ol' man with me....
  19. Another fine looking Grasscity woman.

    Stonie jo a great picture. Looking good there darlin.
  20. Holy Shit! You are one fine lookin babe there, stonie!! I never could get those pics ya sent me of you and the hubby to open up in my email. So what happened to the second picture?? Don't worry, if he calls you a dumbass you just call me up and I'll take care of him for ya. It's nice to put a face with the funny ramblings lol!! Have a great day, girlfriend!!

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