My cats got fleas

Discussion in 'Pets' started by vostok, Feb 16, 2020.

  1. Definitely this. I don't have a cat anymore but Frontline Plus for sure. I use it for my dog currently. I had to give it to my parents' cat because it had fleas and when I'd drop my dog off for them to watch he'd come back with fleas. Had to treat both of them, flea bath, and a lot of cleaning to finally destroy the damn buggers.
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  2. Im currently thinkin this also. Dawn soap wotks great for fleas. But my long hair angorian last fall became a outdoor cat aswell as in and just noticed yesterday she had a couple TICKS. Ticks are nasty so ive gotta go another approach frontline.

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  3. I use beneficial nematodes to control fleas and shitbird has nary a one.

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  4. man alive that 4k pics you can see the cats clean as you can see every hair follicle

    nice pics

    nicer cats

    ps not so nice for the mouse
  5. Cat caught a mouse, mice have a fuckton of fleas on them. Diatomaceous earth will kill them.

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