my cat sleeps so much...its making me kind of nervous

Discussion in 'General' started by SpiceMadeOfLife, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. My cat Franky is about 10 years old, and what I've been really noticing lately is how much he sleeps. He basically spends at LEAST 18 hours of the day lying down and at least 16 of those hours sleeping. I hear thats normal, but still...Its making me feel really sad for him. It just tells me that he's getting old. Its really weird to see him go from being a regular normal active cat to being a lazy zen master:smoke:. He seems to be happy I guess, but I'm wondering if this is an indication of his time wearing thin.

    I know eventually he's gonna die...but I don't want him to die anytime soon, especially since my sister is in Sweden and she won't be back for a year, so when she left was the last time that she would see him alive.

    I don't know why I'm posting this. maybe I'm just looking for a few stoners to give me their perspective on a cats life. Perhaps you lot have a bunch of lazy ass cats so I can have a few people to relate with.
  2. welcome to the world of cats, now proceed on getting a dog


    thats your cat, notice its in its normal position. little skank
  3. Is it an outside or an inside cat? Inside cats live for awhile, more than 10 years easy.

    If it's really bothering you take the cat to the vet though
  4. my cat is 9 months old and sleeps more than 20 hours a day, for an hour or 2 hell roam around eat and shit but the 0ther 22-23 hes lying down, and i'd say a good 20 of thwem hes sleeping soudnly, but hes happy that way :)
  5. my cat is the same way, but he's just a fat ass. he'll either be eating or sleeping, even when we do let him outside he just sleeps in the yard.
  6. He's an in door cat, and he's pretty fat. He used to be way bigger, but he lost alot of weight, now he just has alot of excess skin
  7. this made me laugh for like 5 minutes...and I still am laughing lmaooo
  8. i have a 7 year old cat who is always layin around

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