My cat seriously is longer than Longcat...*pic

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  1. [​IMG]

    what do you guys think?

    His name is jacob, but I call him all different names: Jake, James, Jimmy...and now his new name - LongCat. Or JohnCat. Lol I like both.

    So what do you think about my Longcat?
  2. That's one long pussy.

  3. Longcat is looooonnnnggggg.

    It's funny cause I picked up my other cat who is a black girl, and she isn't long at all. James really is just a longggg fuckin cat.

    I seriously think he could give the original longcat a run for his money. or should I say a run for his longness.:p
  4. cute kitty. i love white pussy
  5. heh heh, I see what you did there :ey:

    white pussy is the best pussy
  6. that cat is normal sized... i've seen much longer cats before..
    but yeah ur cat's got nothing on longcat!!

  7. hey fuck you man!!

    hahah nah i'm just kidding. but no seriously, you may have seen longer cats before, but that doesn't take away from the fact that he is one long ass cat. Go google Longcat, and the first picture that comes up is the original picture of longcat, before it was photoshopped to make him extraaa long. and this picture of my cat is like the same exact length as longcat.

    don't be talkin shit about my cat's length! :p
  8. that cat's not longer than longcat :p your title is a lie
  9. that cat is definitely not 'normal sized'.

  10. you know what you're just mad cause you're a girl and my girl cat is not long at all, my dude cat is. :devious:

    He is too as long as, if not longer than longcat!!:mad:

    Johncat does not approve of your comments!

  11. YES! Thank you!

    weedandbombs is a longcat hater! :devious:
  12. thats a long cat dude..:cool::cool:
  13. my mom's cat is like twice as long as your cat.

    this thread = fail
  14. [​IMG]

    NOW thats a LONGCAT!!
  15. wtf that is more like a big snake
  16. I lol'd, then wtf'd, and then lol'd again.
  17. Pretty long cat man! :)
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    Ahahaha holy shit thats beautiful man, great picture.

    Yeah thats a long cat never knew those guys were like rubber bands

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