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my cat passed away should i smoke later?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DankSmoker2181, May 13, 2011.

  1. my parents had to put it down. she was 24 years old... i was sad about it and cried. because my cat was like a family member to us. im starting to get over it. because she was suffering and it was better for her to put her down. would it be a bad idea or a good idea to smoke maybe in 4 hours or so. to celebrate her long happy life.
  2. Burn up. RIP to your 24 year old cat.
  3. it might make you face it, and you might cry, harder then before

    but if you have high tolerance, no
  4. blaze up and remember the good times
  5. It's what your cat would have wanted you to do.
  6. Its amazing how close we become to our pets isn't it.. I would say do what's in your heart.. You know what's right. When my dalmatian(checkers) died I couldn't enjoy blazin' mostly bc of they circumstance of his death. Had him for 10yrs and he was my lil buddy. He came with me from SC to IN, only to swallow a corn cob and have it get stuck in his intestines. But back on topic.. Do what you feel is best.. Sorry about your loss!
  7. im not trying to be an insensitive asshole, but did you really have to make a thread about this? its a personal choice
  8. That cat probably watched you toke for years. She's probably disappointed you never smoked with her.

    Shouldn't make a difference if you smoke or not.
  9. 24!? Holy fuck!!
  10. I am very sorry for your loss, but you sound like a loving person, so I bet your cat had a wonderful 24 years with you.

    As to whether you should smoke or not, just look into yourself and see if it feels right.

    I second the warning that you might break down. I was once vaping and I suddenly had flashbacks to all the cats I had loved over the years and had a thorough crying session, but I felt so much better afterwards.

    Don't be afraid to cry and don't let anyone tell you that your beloved pet is not worth crying over.
  11. Dude! Sorry for your loss.

    You should take 24 bong hits, in honor of your fallen comrade.
  12. Word :smoke:

  13. Your trying to kill this guy :D
  14. 21 blunt salute in his memory.
  15. I feel you bro I lost my 14 year old cat a couple months ago :'( and my 8 inch gold fish that I've had for 2 years yesterday. Normally I would have smoked when I got home, but didn't until later than night. Just fell asleep.

    Sorry for your loss!
  16. Sorry for your loss, Dude. I've buried many cats. It's always hard. Toke up if you feel like it. Good Luck.
  17. I had a bowl for your cat, I'm sure it was an awesome one, especially to live that long, and then that it's 6 years older than me..
  18. i know what you're going through. had to put my 17 year old dog down because he just could walk anymore. but feel free to do what you want. personally, i'd smoke.
  19. #19 RippinThe407, May 14, 2011
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    Holy shit! If my cat died at 24 I'd be smoking to praise such a long life. Damn.

    EDIT: I will definitely be smoking a Large packed bowl for you and your cat. Also, make sure you try and perk up a bit before smoking, because if you smoke and you're down, the high can be a bad one.
  20. Bro this next bowl is for that one guy's 24 year old cat on the internet.

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