My cat likes watching tv

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  1. She really gets into it. Shes been watching the Pittsburg/Ottawa hockey game for over 20 mins. She sits like a foot from the tv and just stares at the puck and follows it on the screen. Anyone else's pets like legit sit there and watch tv?

    wtf? :confused:
  2. my pet has this obsession with sleeping in the sound port of my sub woofer in my room, so every morning to get her out, i turn on one of those 120hz to 20 hz bass tests and blast it
  3. my stepmom has a dog who legitely thinks she's human. but no, she's not addicted to paid programmng. lol. if my cat started watching march madness religously i'd be cutting down on the green.
  4. How irresponsible.

    I hope you are making sure she is at least 5 feet away from the tv so she doesn't go blind.

    As a little kid I was always sketched out about going blind. :p
  5. My cat likes to attack my nuts when i get out of the shower :confused:
  6. I was watching a show on animal planet that said that the type of dog I have likes to watch tv, lol.
  7. it just means she doesn't love you anymore, that's all
  8. turn that shit off.

    you'll rot her brains.
  9. my cat watched the Curling (i think thats what its called) matches on espn a few months ago. it was like a big ball sliding across the screen. but my cat has always been weird
  10. i got rid of my cable and switched to another cable provider.
    now this other cable provider didn't have MTV ( thank fuck, what a shitty channel), and i swear to god my cat was having withdrawal symptoms from lack of shitty tv, i had VH1 though so i spose that was like his Methadone.
  11. My cat loves music, especially rap. i don't know why but when i blast it my cat smudgie comes on in to hang out.
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    My cat only likes french rap.
    my cat is strange.

    he also likes usher but he isn't strictly rap is he? the song YEAH in particular.

  13. nah usher's more r&b. your cat's got soul.

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