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My Cat knows I'm High.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GaryG, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. Okay so i'm sitting here chilling, just gone done smoking and i just sat down bed normally my cat could give two fucks about me but this time after i'm blazed as fuck, he comes up and like snuggles up with me and shit, he keeps staring at me and i swear he's trying to like tell me something. I don't know guys, any body elses cat do this?
  2. lol my dog notices when im high, i think
  3. My dog does all the time.. She gives me this sideways judging look, like "How could you?"
  4. one time I was smoking in my bed under a blanket, and my cat kept trying to get under the blanket with me:eek:. I stopped smoking for a little bit so I could pay attention to my cat:rolleyes:
  5. I know man, i was just staring back at him and i swear he shook his head at me.
  6. my cat freaks out when im high cause i start chasing her
  7. Whenever my cats know I'm high they decide to constantly switch out of my room to annoy the shit out of me. One paws on the door to get out, I have to stop smoking, get up, open the door to let him/her out, and as soon as it leaves, the other one slinks right in. This process repeats itself every 5 minutes or so for the duration of my high. Fuck anti-drug cats.

  8. ha my dog does that all the time. like tilts his head slightly. It reminds me of ghostface from scream, he did the same shit
  9. my dog loves when im high haha

  10. My dog knows im high she loves it too because we both get lotsa food lol

  11. my brother was taking care of his friends cat for a bit, and the thing never went near me. When i went over to my brothers and blazed, the cat came and sat down on my lap while i was couchlocked for two hours. snuggling and shit, i swear it hated me sober, loved me high :smoke:
  12. my dog loves when im high, i share munchies with her
  13. Yeah, i tried giving my cat some chex mix but he didn't want it
  14. Imissryandunn

  15. Cats are weird they only eat certain shit, my dog eats everything lol
  16. yeah but my dog is old as fuck and just sits around so i just chill with my cat haha.
  17. #17 Storm Crow, Jun 25, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 27, 2011
    Grim the cat is a medical marijuana user. Grim has PTSD! Honest! He is a big cat, 14/15 pounds and used to be the top cat of our 4. Something got hold of him (dog, coyote?)- we heard him scream in the distance and he came back scared! He hid under the bed for the rest of the day.

    He's a classic case of PTSD. He startles and dives for cover at any loud noise (sneeze, cough, door slam) and simply doesn't sleep well unless he's stoned. His dreams are not always pleasant- he growls and twitches in his sleep now and then. He always checks out the neighborhood before going outside. He's a "scaredy cat". Even the new cat, Sneezer, can bully him now. :(

    Grim always wanders in when we set up the vape. He purrs when stoned. And you do not leave the stash box open when he's around! He starts by licking the bottom of the box and then starts nibbling on the buds. He does not like smoke, but will paw and sniff the vape whip. :D

    Granny :wave:

    Sorry Granny, that's a really neat story, but unfortunately I don't think there's any exception for medical usage in the "no discussion of getting pets high" rule. :p -JD
  18. Hell yeah Granny!
  19. Lmao my cat always wants me to share ;P
  20. Yeah my cat becomes a lot more friendly too.

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