my cat is retarded lol

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    OK i had to post some pics of my cat (Z-Boy) Hes 4 years old and is the weirdest cat ever. He has an attitude of a rogue and his very own personality. Heres him sleeping in the weirdest ways after ******** with me lol

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  2. you cant talk about gettin pets high man...

  3. didnt know that and i have edited it :wave:

  4. Now it just seems eerily inappropriate.
  5. thats a really cool cat, its cute. i cant wait to get a cat of my own lol, i have to say im a dog person, but i really love cats. they are a close 2nd lol.
  6. My cat and dog sometimes sleep on their back with their feet sticking straigh up in the hair. Its hilarious
  7. Hahaha awesome cat dude, I used to have a cat that was a typical stoner cat (Before I eve used to smoke) He would just seriously sleep all day, and when he did get up it was either to eat food or go to the bathroom. He could also turn on the faucet int he bathroom on and drink out of it. I cant even imagin what he would be like now because I smoke. Too bad he ran away a few years ago...

    I truly miss him, +Rep

  8. yea I'm getting a chihuahua today as well . 5 weeks old so lets see how it goes lol
  9. thanks! that sucks that he ran away and yea once he gets up he goes crazy and starts playing all over the time i found him upside down on the couch arm. i laughed all day lol
  10. Gross, you might as well get a rat, they aren't as annoying.
  11. True that. If youre going to get a dog you might as well get a big, loyal companion. But at least the chihuahua will fit in your purse!
  12. lol i dont like rats but this pup is cool.

    to big and i dont have space for it. a little dog can go with my 2 cats

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