my cat can open doors

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  1. I was sleeping my cat was in my room, i had the door shut. I wake up, and i hear him clawing at the door knob. then 6 seconds later i hear the door open. then i fell back to sleep, woke up and noticed he really did open the door. I was like wtf... ive seen him try to turn knobs before, but now he actually figured it out.

    is it normal for a cat to do this? how many cats can open doors?
  2. Ive had cats that have learned how to open doors. Its not that uncommon if your cat is prety intelegent. my cats also learned out to play fetch, sit on command, and to shake hands. it just takes time and patience and also treats. ^ ^ we had to get a hard side carrier for both cats too cause they learned how to excape from thier soft side zip up carriers. sneaky little kittehs.:devious:
  3. haha mine also does that.
  4. my friends monkey , his soul mission is o keep on turning the microwave on he will open the door and then just turn the microwave on like everyday. :smoke:
  5. Yea man, my sister cat will get all hyper and run around the house. And he jumps at the door and pulls down the latch, therefor opening the door, he does it slot on the bathroom door; specially when I'm in their peeing, he opens the door.
  6. I used to have some roommates, and one girl's Siamese cat would open the door, and attack another cat.
  7. Ya man,my cat would do the same shit when I lived at my other place.The thing was,the doors were those hollow cheap doors that landlords get haha.Now at my new place the doors are way to heavy,she just scratches and crys...

    But if anyone has doors like mine,make sure you dont accidently lock your cat in your room,they gotta go to the litter box and eat too! My fam learned this the hard way lol.

  8. haha now if he could only get the monkey to make him hot pockets he would be set.
  9. im trying to teach my cat to shit in the toilet
  10. I taught my dog how to open doors but I have a leather strap glued onto the handle that he can grab with his mouth and just pull down to open it.
  11. Mine does the same.. even with stubborn knobs that humans have trouble operating, we have to keep everything locked, including the grow room... because of a cat :p

    He has literally broken into the closed room, and eaten an entire crops worth of seedlings in a a matter of seconds. Gives real meaning to the term 'cat burglar' :)
  12. My cat can open screen doors, by attaching to the door and leaping off, causing the door to push open.
  13. Yup mine opens doors (from either side) and has also recently learned to open the fridge and freezer which is horrible.Need to get child locks on everything lol.
  14. I thought my cat was cool for sitting on my lap as soon as I spark up a doob and meowing until you blow him a brainer.
  15. I wish my cats would do that

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