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My cat ate some of my fan leaves

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by ammar, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Should i cut the damaged fan leave all off or leave it as is? my plant is about 3 week old auto-flower. 24826083_1300967713341593_612195296_o.jpg
  2. Cats will do that
    Leave them and if they die then remove
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  3. You’re lucky the cat didn’t knock it over as my cat used to love doing to my house plants! Try and keep the cat away from the grow area if at all possible

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  4. This...but smell can be an issue

    some neighbor may complain

    leading to further investigations

    I'd go so far as cat proofing the plant

    boot cat outside

    good luck
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  5. I did not mean the cat dies LOL
    I meant the one fan leaf that was affected
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  6. the little one month old fucker

    zipping between my legs plants and anything else

    likes to crap in my pots

    thats a No No!

    so I stick a trash bag to sit on the top

    take that you lil fucker ...GGGrrrrrrrr! ..lol
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  7. My cat ate all of my very first grow before i could even realize that he would love it. You're lucky you got away with only a couple of bites :geek:
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  8. Some animals take a liking to eating plants. You'l want to keep your cat away from your plants anyways. I love animals but I keep them out of my grow. A buddy of mine allows his cat in and it's gross as fk. Come flower when the buds get all sticky the plant is just 1 big hair magnet. Needless to say when I go to his house I bring my own weed not matted in fur
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  9. lol smoking hair is an experience thing ...lol
  10. I spent hours picking orangie fuckin hair out of my buds.

    It gets all over my clothes and food. Ehhh worth it though.

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  11. Bury a small mouse trap, That will stop it real quick
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  12. Is that a Fox Tail
  13. Yep. It used to be on the back of a norse helmet I own but the little orange one ripped it off and loves to play with it.

  14. don't tempt me ...lol
  15. Orange One looks just like the feral cat that we have adopted and feed outside
  16. We use to just twist and pull. no axe needed
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  17. Sounds like a tabby. They are really friendly cats by genetic nature. Talk to him and go close to him while he eats and he'll become less and less feral.
  18. I have had cats in my younger yrs and was know as the cat whisperer . This guy does not let you close, I have to put food out and then disappear before he will come up on deck.
    He watches us through the door and if he sees you he takes off, I will give him time but I also noticed he has a Facial tick (not a bug) LOL, almost like a neurological deformity or from an injury, just doesn't look right, he is so scared of everything almost like he was extremely abused or beaten.
    I will be happy if he continues to eat and makes it through the winter.
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  19. upload_2017-12-7_14-15-48.png
    Looks like a Stoner Hey Man any Nip?
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  20. I was thinking a wolfs tail LOL
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