My Cat ate my STAsh!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by tenacity2986, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. Ok, I have a little munchkin. 2 months old and I got home to find her sniffing away at my stash. She must have eaten about an 1/8th and its white widow, some potent herb to say the least. Will she be o.k? I just fed her... and other recommendations?
  2. shell be fine, just think of it being super potent cat nip :)
  3. my cat loves weed too! just like her mommy. hehe
  4. She should be fine. Without heat to activate the THC it probably won't do a thing.
  5. Dude my iguana attacks my weed all the time and hes just fine :wave:
  6. My girlfriends 1 year old son got into our bag about a month ago and ate almost a quarter of some diggity-dank haha. He didn't even seem to get a buzz but I did notice him hit the sippy cup pretty hard afterwards. Guess you cant get away from that cottonmouth.
  7. yeah she will just get a stomache ache heh
  8. Hah, I've had several friends with this problem.. from what i've seen it's like kitty crack.;)
  9. wow, child protective services would be all over that.

    just follow your cat around and wait make sure you get to it before it hits the litter box and then smoke the cat shit...
  10. i dont know some plants are poisonous to cats
  11. before i had a lockable door on my grows, i have had a couple abortions of clones, and a major big plant loss due to my cat. she loves to eat weed plants - never buds, or leaves with trichs on them, but the big fan leaves, she loves.
  12. This is pretty funny if you ask me. I think that the cat should be ok but I would probably let it eat alittle more and study it to see what it does. I had a crop growing outdoors one time it was almost time to harvest, came back to check on it and I swear it was like a fucking walt disney movie with all of the little forrest creatures comming to eat my shit. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I think that animals are just like us THEY LOVE THE SHIT. Rock on Bro.:hello:
  13. put a cat or dog in front of a bowl of vodka and they turn their nose up. put a dog or cat in front of a fatty bud, and they eat it right up. evidence that alcohol is a poison and weed isn't? i think so!
  14. My cat doesn't like weed. :( I tried giving him a little, but he didn't bite.
  15. everytime I smoke my cat will try to jump in my lap and get in my face to try and get some smoke. I love getting my cat stoned <3

  16. lol, I to have a cat like that, if were smoking a bong I leave a little smoke in the chamber and put it on the table, she's straight at it, sniffing the smoke, she seems to love it, thought she was a "one off" but I guess not......
  17. heh, yah she turned out alrite. but i definelty just got her high on purpose this time. She wont bite on the bud by itself but i stick a little bud with a stem into one end of a chewable treat and while im feeding it, i give her the end with the bud lodged into im totally getting her to become a stoner at a young 7 weeks old...:hello:

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