My cat ate my plant

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Is it a female?

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  3. To early to tell

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  1. So my plant was doing really good but then my cat ate all the leaves and it hasn’t grown much since then. Will it survive?
    On the other hand I have one plant that didn’t get eaten and it is doing good but I can’t tell if it’s a female. I don’t really smoke or grow, I’m just doing this for fun cause it’s legal now. maybe next year I won’t have to ask stupid questions. E8097398-DF77-4659-8868-F1523BF85CB6.jpeg DDB1D945-6A8E-4FEC-9280-49143EF1F4A1.jpeg 9BFB8EDE-964C-40F7-9B9F-5A050D58DDB5.jpeg
  2. Too early
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  3. Animals love cannabis. You'll want to keep animals away anyways or you'll have hairy buds come flower when those sticky buds form. I have a friend that let's his cat in his grow, needless to say I bring my own bud to his house. Its nasty
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  4. Really, your cat shouldn't be near it as killset said, not only do they eat them but can transfer pests to your plant from elsewhere
  5. Cats love cannabis! I have an indoor cat and he has no pests but likes to help trim the bottom leaves off by eating them. My wife said he would get high but I tried to explain he can't because its THCA and not active but she didn't get it so I lost my helper.

    Way to early to determine gender of the plants.

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  6. I don’t really know what to look for. How and when will I be able to tell if they are female. C8BFE4DE-0B12-439C-BD02-9640C1893143.jpeg

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  7. Female will have a calyx with a white hair coming out of it. Male will have roundish balls. If you really want to know put it in 12/12 until it shows sex then either flower it or put it back into veg and grow it some more. Oh is it outside? If it's outside it show soon anyway but it won't get that big.
  8. id Top right about now
  9. Yeah I started late in the season s
    Thanks for the info. It is outside. I started late in the season but hopefully they will still get some buds by the end of October. That’s usually when we get the first frost
  10. It will have tiny buds but tiny buds you grew! If it's outside it will show sex very soon. Make sure there isn't to much light pollution where you keep it like a street light or house light ect.

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