my cabinet build. input needed

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  1. Hi guys . Im almost done my custom built cabinet. The dimensions for my csbit are as follows

    56 in tall
    32 in wide
    15 in deep

    so what im asking for in this post
    1. is some sort of explanation to the different types of grow setups because the only one i even know is SOG.
    2. How many plants i could fit in here growing healthy an close to full growth as possible
    3. What kind of light setup should i use . Right now i have 8 75 W cfls which i think add up to about 19 W per bulb i think? Should i get stronger cfls? O should i go for HPS. Or MH lights an if so what wattage
    4. Proper ventalation. Should i just have two fans inlet an exhaust ?idk ducting?
    5. Should i make a smaller compartment with the space in this design for beginning clones?
    all the other stuff like nutes an soil i have a pretty good idea already

    Any input appreciated. First timer.!
  2. you need to know the lumens or k for the cfls. you need like at least like 5000k for veg, and 2500 for flowering. and your space is limited by how long you want to veg for. you controll the environment so control it to your benefit. best of luck
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    Okay. I think each bulb is 5000 k i believe. I do know for a fact that each bulb puts out 1100 lumens
  4. Another question i had was should i have more than on fan to push air out an more than one to pull air in or is a fan to pull air in not neccessary? Ive been lookin exhaust fans an i was thinkin of gettin a 140mm fan . Is that to big an should i go ahead an get rwo of em instead of one?

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