My buds smell like FRESH CUTT LAWN GRASS!!!

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by 60dayWonder, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. Is this normal? Or will it smell like weed after cured for a few months?
  2. I'm not expert, but that's what I call 'hay' bud.

    One smell and I'm calling my next dealer.

    I have no idea what causes it, but shits nasty and zero to little high.

  3. Okay can this smell be fixed by curing or is it bullshit trash it's my first grow anyways so wouldint really bother me anyways
  4. Post some pics. But it might never smell the best but it will be better after being cured correctly but it doesnt mean it wont be dank still.
  5. Its still releasing moisture. Let that shit dry, then cure it real nice.
  6. I dunno, I have seen plants at the dispensary (different stages too) and they all smell like cannabis, not grass.
  7. I layed buds on cardboard with fan on high for 2/3 days now they been in jar for 2 days ill post pictures
  8. I put stems with bud to mabe make the stems make the weed smell good? But ill post pictures now
  9. It's either immature or you dried it too fast or both.
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  10. Okay well anyway to fix it if both?
  11. Here is pictures

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  12. Pictures arent really gonna help, especially cameraphone pictures.

    but yeah, dont rush the drying/curing process, just let it do its thing.
  13. Sooooo keep in cure jar or what!?
  14. hard to say without being able to feel the buds. Do they feel nice and dry? or wet and pliable still? If they're dry, jar em up and burp them everyday.
  15. They are not soaked they are a little moist but they was dry when I put them in jar now the jar made them moist again I don't know what I should do
  16. Thats normal, just moisture releasing from inside the buds. Thats why you need to burp the jars daily for about 30min or so.
  17. Yea the problem was you didn't dry them correctly. You forced them to dry by putting the fan on them. Especially on high. 2 or 3 days is not enough time for the bud to dry. Next time take your time and hang them correctly and dry until ready. If you force them to dry you will end up with bud that Dosent smell like dank and some bud just Dosent smell dank that's just how it is. You should still get high off it just make sure it's completly dry and not soggy wet.

  18. So curing my bud will NOT make it smell like weed?
    What should I do? I need to to smell like weed
  19. Mine smelled the same way. Its probably cut to early along with dried to fast like mine. Keep it in the jar and burp if its dry enough. The smell will lessen but its never going to smell like the weed your used to sorry

  20. Wow that's just great...

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