My Buds Aren't Very Potent

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  1. I've been growing indoors now for about a year, with varying levels of success. The main problem that I'm having is that my buds just don't seem to be very potent. I'm growing auto flowers (northern, amnesia haze, early miss, ak48) in three gallon planters. I'm using a lot of CFL's. I'm not exactly sure what the total wattage is but I don't think that's my problem. These plants are taking about 4 months from the time they go in the soil to harvest. I've been using general hydroponics growbox nutrients. I'm getting about 20 grams per plant dried. The buds look amazing, they taste amazing, they smell pretty good, but they don't give me (or anybody else) that stony high. I've tried harvesting at about 20% amber, 40% amber, and 50% amber, but I really haven't noticed a difference. I really enjoy this as a hobby, but I usually end up buying super dank weed and then "cutting" it with my stuff. I want to keep doing this, but I can't justify the cost or the risk/reward unless I can start growing more potent buds. Do any of you professionals out there have any suggestions? Much appreciated.
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  2. Depending on who bred the auto's they might not be that potent to begin with, and any bud I ever flowered under CFL's was less than spectacular. Get a cheap 300w LED panel or 400w HPS and you'll probably see a huge difference, and try out some different genetics or even a few photo plants they aren't that much harder to care for and you'll get a lot more than 20g if you do it right.
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  3. How long you curing man. Weaksauce autos cfl and no cure can be a recipe for disaster.

    Grab a 600 hps and maybe try some top noch breeders. The early miss is blah and i can totally see an auto northern under performing potency wise if not knocked outta the park. Got any photoperiods to run? Try a pack of bodhi or karma , tga the list goes on.

    If you stick with autos they are killing mephistos shit around here and get with loki for strain rec and breeder rec. Neep help with autos thread should help a ton .

    Good luck

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  4. Think about genetics you have to get a higher THC auto I learned my lesson from last year . look into heavyweight and world of see auto also narc purple has a high THC content I haven't harvested yet but I did grow out a team wreck and that shit was dank. I also GRE a brother light and white widow that was not even close to it but grew under the same conditions. I hope this helps who are the breeders

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  5. All good points here. I use same nutes as you so as long as you're following directions that's prolly not the problem. Punchy's comment is a good place to start. Nothing wrong with dipping in as soon as dry, but a good cure takes 3 mos. The potency grows amazingly over that time. Your yield sounds kinda rough too. Step up your light game and consider a different seed source if you ARE properly curing.

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  6. stop with the auto flowers, if you have grown to harvest at least 3 times (sounds like it) then youa re definitely ready for photo period plants. Your yield will go up with these as well. Like above posters said, get a real light too, a 250W HPS is pretty damn cheap and it will increase your quality and yield by a LOT.

    it feels like it's hard to justify the risk/reward with your current setup because IMO it's not really worth it, 20 grams from a plant dried is really on the low end. Grow big plants, 10 gallon of medium 1 month of pure veg and you can start getting 3-5 oz per plant, you can probably do 2 plants this size under 250, or 4 plants in 5 gallon containers.
  7. This thread is a few years old but have to ask: Did you ever figure out why your cannabis was non-psychoactive?
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  8. I will comment with you on this thread . Its old sure . I have grown under cfl as well back in the old days. They came out strong thc . I think he just had a bad genetics . 4 months is to long for a auto . I have done a few hundred autos they all got as high as we wanted .
  9. okay, thank you.

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