My buds are mouldy HELP!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by ratty, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. I went out to check my two plants yesterday and both have mould on them, its just on one of the colas on each plant do i just cut that part off and treat the rest of the plant, what do i use. Help me anybody please I dont want all of my hard work go to waste. if you need too know im growing a strain called The Church By greenhouse seeds, they are growing in the UK and its been very rainy this year, they are probally 5 weeks into flower what do i do
  2. Cut the affected bud off now. Lightly spray the rest of the plant w/ a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide. If i remember its a teaspoon per litre. That should kill the mold. Keep an eye on it though. Save the affected bud for hash.
  3. I would go a different route.. I would remove the affected parts.. expecially if it's bud rot aka grey mold, botrytis.... I would get some serenage garden spray or anything with bacilus substilus in it and spray the hell out of them like twice a week... you have three weeks to go and your plants are molding.. they are going to get more dense and be more susceptiple to molds, your best bet is fighting it with this bacteria spray that fights mold. Hydrogen peroxide may kill the existing mold.. but when it rains again the plants will get washed and mold continue to grow.. bacilus substilus is systemic so it lives in the plant as well as on.. it's what I recommend and use...
  4. so you can spray the "hell out" of that stuff on that plants? it won't affect the taste, mind are starting there 8th week with one modly spot take down, but i ordered the serenade and should be spraying them tomorrow.
  5. YES! DO IT! you can spray that stuff ON the day of harvest with absolutely no taste/harshness whatsoever.. I spray at least twice a week, sometimes 3 times.. and yes I spray the "hell out" of them.. The most that will happen is a few of the hairs will turn. It's organic bacteria, do not fear spraying them, fear mold.

    I would however, if you get the concentrate, use unchlorinated water, as chlorine kills bacteria..
  6. Thanks irieluv i will give that a shot, it doesnt look like the weahter is going to improve all that much so I think the serenade will be good but I cant seem to find it, any ideas where I can purchase this from in the UK

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