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  1. Ok so my buddy likes this chick
    I know as a fact that she doesnt like him and she doesnt want to tell him.

    Shes blown him off for the past 3 weekends and he isnt catching the hint.
    Idk if i should let him find out on his own or tell him?

    So opinions would be appreciated:)

  2. Tell him.
  3. You may hurt him when you tell him, but you telling him is about 10x better then him finally finding out for himself, trust me, i've been that guy before.
  4. Definitely tell him, but try as hard as you can to be as nice as you can.
  5. i'd probably tell him just so he didn't waste any more of his time. i'm sure there are plenty of other girls he can hang out with that won't blow him off.
  6. i bet you if he stays persistent he will eventually tap that ass.. tell him so he can switch the game up.. the chase is the best part!!
  7. just be like

    yo shes not into you sorry bro

  8. You got to tell him in a really gentle way. Watching your buddy's heart slowly being crushed week by week as he realizes it's not going to happen betwen them will suck badly.

    Or, you could sort of try to get him uninterested in her. Say you heard she has the herp or something. Or you heard somewhere that she's kinda slutty. Maybe say they wouldn't be a good couple. Point out things about her that are unattractive. Or, find a better female for him to persue, one which actually likes him.
  9. nah don't tell him. some people need to learn the hard way son
  10. I say you tell him for reasons other people have already stated.
  11. If i were you, I'd bang the girl and let your friend catch you doing her.
  12. that last one is hella mean. but ya tell him. just be sure, if your not sure that could be messed uo too

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