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My Buddy..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Mar 20, 2003.

  1. The one with cancer died today.. I will hold dearly the memories that we shared..

    Light one in honor of a great guy that was good to everyone..

    May the grasscityians keep up the work for medical MJ!!!!

    I love you guys and gals!!!!
  2. Sorry to hear the sad news BH. I'll dedicate one to him tomorrow.
  3. like-wise man... il blaze for you and him dizle...

  4. Yes mate he is in a better place than most all of us..

    I feel better knowing the pain is finally gone for him!!!!!

    The memories are the best and I'll think of him alot.

    Thanks mate for remembering my friend.. You are one off the best mates I have yet to meet..

    I love ya mate!!

    Magicguy and ganjaguy. Thanks a bunch. Respect what ya have.
  5. i was actually thinking about him earlier. next time i toke one it'll be in his memory. i'm sorry to hear the news that he pass on though. my condolences to you, and his family.

    keep the memories alive, and he will live in your heart. stay strong bud. you always know the blades are here if ya need someone to talk to.
  6. My mom and sister got their church to pray for you and I'm gonna go smoke a jay for you when me and my brother go for a walk later
  7. Thanks cottons.. I am going to pass on all the good vibes and karma to his family....
  8. That sucks man.. I'm goin to have to light up a big blunt for him sometime tom.. Later.. :smoke::D:smoking:
  9. ive been giving thought to you budhead, and your buddy! been sending lots of love and karma out! im sorry to hear he is gone now....
    and yes, always...........

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  10. Hey Bud Head...I know that I told you I was sorry when I talked to you earlier but I wanted to say it again because I really am sorry that you lost your friend. We know he's in a better place though. I'm sending good karma and vibes to his family and to you. I'm sure he knew what a great friend you are and I know you brought some comfort to him when he needed it the most. My thoughts are with you. Love you!!!
  11. I have some pent up good karma from helping the old lady next door carry stuff. It's all for your friend.

    ***good karma***

    the next bowl I smoke is for both him and you
  12. im soooo sorry for all of you.

  13. Sorry for your loss Bud Head.
  14. i'm sorry to hear that budhead.......i wrote a poem for you, i hope you don't mind?....

    "Deep down in my heart,
    i knew we had to part,
    i guess you've found you're home,
    in which you'll never be alone,
    i'll miss you all my life,
    through all my trobles, and my strife,
    and when my time has passed,
    together we will be at last."

    ....................................Peace out.....Sid
  15. Thanks sid and all the others..

    He will be burried tommorow. I think he is better off where he is!

    I shared my time.
    I sent the karma and good vibes..

    I know he will finally be well!
  16. vibes a plenty.


    next time i get some herb.... i'm going to add a whole 6 inches to my next joint in honor & rememberance.
  17. Thanks digit!
  18. ive been saving roaches from a dank batch i've had for two weeks...

    Just rolled and a fat spliff and its dedicated to your friend....

    I've lost family and friends and the best advice i can to take it easy man.
  19. I'm sorry to hear that man. The next one I light will deffinitely be for you.
  20. sorry to hear about your loss...I'm sure he is in a good place with no pain or sorrow

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