My buddy has a drop ceiling!

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  1. What are the chances of starting a fire in a sterilite grow box that is placed in a drop ceiling?
  2. are you talking about using the ceiling space? the space between the drop ceiling and the floor of the roof above?

    drop tile is non flammable.... I worked for a friend of mine for a number of years... all we did was drop ceilings.. those tiles will not hole weight, but the grid can if its displaced weight... put all your weight on the longer pieces, not the shorter one's... it will hold over 300 pounds per wire... the actual grid is alot less...

    despite the non flammable tile and weight it could hold I would not recommend it
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    Yes I am using the ceiling space and I've already put the box up there everything is good to go with the weight. I just dont want to burn my buddy's house down ya know. Do you think that's a pretty safe spot?

    Thanks for your help!

    Edit: why wouldn't you recommend it?
  4. its more trouble than its worth... im guessing you stuffed your grow in a cardboard box up there... there will be a short height to grow in.. and how are you venting and getting fresh air up there?

    it will make a mess of the tile and be easily seen by anyone who takes a second look...

    height will be the major factor though... even with three feet of vert. space you'll be out of room quickly

    but good for you for thinking out of the box... start a journal, ill read it
  5. The box is a 30 gallon sterilite tote so the space in the ceiling isn't an issue. Right now there are 2 pc fans as exhaust and an intake with no fan. The ceiling space it's self has good circulation and cool air not to mention it's dark up there all the time so no need to worry about light leaks! As for the limited space i was thinking about a vertical scrog.

    I guess I forgot to mention it's a micro grow! Lol thanks for your help man
  6. There's no way we can tell you if that will start a fire or not because we don't know what else is up there that might be flammable, what kind of light, etc.

    All in all does not sound like a good idea though.
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    If you stick with CFLs/tubes (T12, T5), and of course you will, I wouldn't worry about a fire. Don't even think about putting an HPS/MH in that box, but that's obvious, I hope. Just be sure to cover all the bases. Safety first! Why don't you take some pix of this box and the ceiling space and post em here.

    I would also clean as best I could the surrounding area of where the grow box is and I would buy some filters (at Home Depot/Vacuum) for the intake fan cause I'm sure that air up there is dirty as fuck.

    Do you have a thermometer in the box? If not, get one.

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