My buddy getting caught.. funny story...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Weeder43, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. My buddy who is 17 (I'm 19 and I know, kinda weird hanging out with people who are younger than me.) got caught high when I was with him.

    We were chilling out in his room listening to some music on his laptop... his parents come home unexpectedly and his mom comes up to his room and knocks. he couldn't manage to get eye drops in. They already know I smoke weed and they don't give a crap.

    Mom (knocking on door): Aaron, you in there???
    Aaron: SHIT SHIT MAN, i look blazed as fuck.. (whispering)
    Me: Uh oh...
    Mom: Can I come in?
    Aaron (who can't think clearly btw): Ummm, noo...
    Mom: How come??? (suspicious voice..)
    Aaron (stuttering and giving a lot uhs and ohs): Uhhh... i'm pooping....?

    I then to proceed to laugh my fucking ass off, falling out of my chair on the floor dying laughing...

    Mom: WHAT????

    So she comes in, proceeds to see me on the floor laughing, looks on Aaron, and for some reason his eyes get EXTREMELY red, even after 2 years of smoking. His mom immediately knows he is blazed... She suggests that I leave, and I've yet to find out the rest.
  2. You could have helped your friend not get caught a little more.
  3. Hahahaha, I laughed.
  4. we better get an update! :D
  5. hahahahha
    i definatly laughed at that man. funny shit!
  6. ur a fuckin asshole lmao...nah jp i would of died if i heard that too
  7. LOL. Dude that's funny shit. Update bro.
  8. lul
    updates! =D
  9. lol i dont think theres anyone that WOULDNT laugh in that situation :D
  10. lol, dont feel bad thought lol why would he say he was pooping. when ever my mom knocks I make sure stuff is gone if not already and then just act casual. but lol Im pooping that funny shit. PLEASE UPDATE

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