My buddy died

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  1. One of my buddies died earlier this week. It's weird cause it doesn't feel lie he's gone. I used to get bud from him all the time. He was riding a speed bike and the throttle failed on him. His bike swerved into oncoming traffic, but being nice as he was, he was able to move the bike off the road. Sadly, he either crashed his bike or body into a light pole. I keep reading the news report hoping it wasn't him. RIP RONNIE. 20 years old. Ride on man. Ride on.

    This was some wax I got from him. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415895052.105012.jpg

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  2. Sorry for your loss bro. 
  3. Sorry to hear that, good vibes man. Hold on to those good memories :)
  4. Condolences, mate. It's never easy and it never gets any easier. It's good to talk about him though, at least I've always thought so.

    I lost one of my best friends -- one of the most adventurous, sociable, humble, and good-hearted of people -- six years ago, almost to the day. I think about him often, how his radient future was stolen from him at such a young age by someone who made an idiot's decision. It never fails to drum up the tears, even now. I think of what a beautiful soul Mark had, and it makes me want to take up that legacy and be better myself.

    Carry your mate's torch. Be the good person that he was and you'll do his memory justice forever.
  5. Rip to your friend, my condolences its never easy saying bye to the ones you love. Try to keep your head up.
  6. RIP Ronnie :(

    20 is Too young....
  7. Positive vibes your way man. Remember that life goes on.

  8. sorry about your loss man
  9. Thank you guys. I feel so bad for his girlfriend, family, and jasmine, his pet pitbull. His birthday was a week ago and they were going to get married soon. I'm still stuck in a state of shock but now realize that Ronnie's gone. Brings new meaning to the good die young.

    Cherish who you have around guys, it only takes one fuck up or malfunction to end it all.

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  10. Shit man im so sorry about your loss bro i hope you and his family and his gf and pitbull can get through it. R.I.P Ronnie.
    Shit man im so sorry about your loss bro i hope you and his family and his gf and pitbull can get through it. R.I.P Ronnie.
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    i'd save that wax and take 1 dab each year on his birthday or anniversary of his death.
    does wax have a long shelf life?
  12. Damn, RIP to your homie. Wish I could smoke one for him since I love motorcycles myself.
  13. He's in a better place my friend.. and i believe that one day, you will join him. Im extremely sorry for your loss..
  14. LOL, I actually got some year old wax and still smells good

    Op, so sorry for the loss brother. I agree about the dabs if it doesn't bring up emotion.

    It's always a bad process. Laugh on the good memories, forget the bad ones.
    Consider it an honor you knew him.
    Helped me a lot when my aunt passed :(
  15. My condonlences, man. Having also lost a friend to a car accident recently, I know how weird it feels. One day their here, then they're not. Stay strong. Smoke one in his name. Reminisce about the times you spent together. 20 is very young.
  16. Motorcycles are so dangerous. It is terrifying how many people I know who have died on them. There are too many variables on a bike as well as bad drivers on the road for me to ever get on one. Sorry for your loss man.
  17. I know how you feel man. My friend Nikki got killed on the freeway over a month ago.. 20 years old, innocent as can be and was taken too soon. It's hard to deal with honestly but it gets better trust me... RIP NIKKI 💜

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  18. Sorry for your loss my man, next hits to Ronnie!!
  19. Damn man sorry to hear that. Whatever happens first imma either dedicating next bowl to him, or, pouring out some booze...

    Sorry for your loss man. Stay strong

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  20. Keep your head up, even though it's hard at times.
    I also lost a 20 year old freind 2 years ago. great guy. It was the day before christmas eve.
    He apparently got killed by his own dad, with a steak knife, and his father still claims it's not him, even though he is locked up, and has received his penalty.
    I'm still not sure, if it was him who did it. 

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