My buddy and I released an EP yesterday for the apocalypse.

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  1. Blaine Nash & Avant Guard are: Double Twin Bladez.

    Post-Apocalypto the EP.

    If you're into raw underground Hip Hop with content, the EP is for you. It's also absolutely free. I figured blades would enjoy it. :smoke:

    Please check it out, leave your thoughts, and share if you like it. It'd be much appreciated. :)

    Enjoy. :hippie:

    Post-Apocalypto | Crack City
  2. i released am ablum yesterday to :)

    im dl rite now man, i love your guys stuff
  3. Thanks man! I will check it out. :)
  4. dude this cd is dope as fuck man!!
    i love that old school feel to it, and you guys got some dope ass flows

    jammin it right now haha
  5. Thank you! :D Much appreciated! :smoke:
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    The title track: :smoke:


    And if I could ask a favor of you blades, please Share this EP and or track if you like it. It'd be greatly appreciated! :)
  7. Any more listeners? I only bump this cause we worked pretty hard to put this together. I'd appreciate more opinions. :)
  8. ill bumb it cause its dope as fuck

    i want more people to hear it too

    do you post your music anywhere else??
  9. Thanks man! I really appreciate it! :D

    I post most of my music on Soundcloud:

    I spread it basically anywhere I can (Social Networks, other forums, etc)

    Also, not to diss anyone posting in the present time, but I've been noticing a lot of really good musicians getting the ban hammer on GC. What's up with that? :confused:

  10. Really??? shit id like to know whats up with that also. i hope im not doing something against the rules :/
    i might need to reread em just incase. hopefully people arnt like advertising or anything. that could be it.

    also, i put my music on like, bancamp n shit, soundcloud, i use FB just for my music to spread to my friends, i use reddit cause you can post in so many sub reddits and really get your music spread out. its helped a lot so far.
  11. I've never checked Reddit. I'll have to do that, thanks! :)
  12. Human centipede, that track is hard, lovin it man.
  13. I wasn't sure what to expect, but this is fucking awesome. Welcome to my iPod.

  14. Thanks, man! :D I'm really glad you're diggin' it!:smoking:
  15. dope as usual, nash. Only on the second track but that first tracks beat bangs hard in my headphones. Diggin the little guru clip at the end too. keep spreading the good music, man.

    :laughing: You got lyrics for track 2? I might have to transcribe it. keep it up.

  16. Hahahaha! I unfortunately do not have the lyrics typed up for that track, but Avant BODIED THAT SHIT! :laughing: Yeah we tried making all the tracks mesh well, and I think we accomplished that. :)

    But I'm glad you're diggin it! Thanks! :smoke:
  17. The more I listen to it, the better it gets. It's easy to forget that it's just some guy on GC.

  18. Thank you, man! :) We've been doing this for years, but are always striving to improve. I really really appreciate the support.
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