My buddies spittin FIREEE

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    EDIT MAY 28 2010!!!!!!!

    hip hop fans, take a listen.

    the real life story? the mans holding out on signing with universal.


    [ame=]YouTube - Dante - My city.wmv[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Dante Leon - Heart Of Gold (Feat. Neil Young)(Prod. Bridge & Law)[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Dante Leon - Only Way I Know (Prod. Free)[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Dante Leon - Im On It (Remix)[/ame]

    comments welcome, there's always the haters lol
  2. The "only way I know" joint was ill, I like his style, except sometimes the beat/music is louder than him and some of what he's sayin' is a lil inaudible.

    Otherwise, it's tight.
  3. "the purest of the pure, some budder for you hash rats"
  4. Woooo, he's repping Toronto. So he's okay with me!
  5. bababakog bababakog bababakog
    a rump an rump
    a rump an ting
    a rumpa rumpa rumpa ting rumpa ting ting

    i rip and i rhyme
    i rhyme and i rip
    this is the way dylan spits

    i spit hot fire

    it does sound good though
  6. Not really my cup of tea.
    I can't stand American voices, don't ask me why, I just can't listen to them.
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    well Americans can't stand British accents either

    shit ain't cute


    "shout out to my man lee, cup up like stanley. The rook killin it like Crosby did hockey, you think they try to rob me but now they tryna jock me. Never needed help cause i'm a go-go getter, so up north, man i blow cold weather"

    ^That shit killed it, if he's really holding out though he's least take the deal and then bail if somethin better comes along
  8. hahah you hear him reppin arizona to?

    got sent to rehab for some shit, and broke out and cabbed back to toronto. lollllll

    just knew he had better things to do with his time then sit in rehab, hasnt touched any painkillers since. "dont worry my momma, i keep my mind right"

    anyone who wants mp3s of these and some others can pm me and iill link em in an email
  9. [ame=""]YouTube- Dante Leon - In The Dark (Prod. History)[/ame]

    i think thats the last one on youtube
  10. I dig that, reppin az..whered he go to rehab if you dont mind, cause my town is faaaaamous for them..had tons a celebs come here for it. also huge hockey fan.
  11. im not sure which one it was to be completly honest, he probably told me i just cant remember a name.

    thanks for the neg rep InnerPeace... all the inner peace to ya
  12. Not to thread jack, but this dudes from real near me. We kicked it a couple times but hes not a close homie or anything like that. I, for one, hope my favorite artists DONT sign with a major label cuz it just tends to ruin their music.

    By the way, you gotta listen to it loud with the bass up...

    [ame=]YouTube - ICEBERG - YOURE A JERK FREESTYLE[/ame]
  13. pretty good, is he signed?
  14. nope holdin out. his mixtape (half blood prince) comes out may 28. if anyone wants to buy one, i can probably get that hooked up through mail to.

  15. American accents are?
  16. Not bad, but he needs to work on his delivery. Right now he's sounding like Captain White Boy.
  17. his mix tape is called half blood prince?

    lol is this harry potter or some shit? is this man really severus snape?
  18. the mans half jamaican, who knows why he calls his mixtape what he calls it, im sure harry potter got it from somewhere to

    lol captain white boyyyy
    he grew up in a mostly white hood, but he isnt rapping about guns..
    "though i could talk about pumps to your melon, i keep it textbook like functions 11"
    he's black
    his dads a fairly famous jamaican singer, i forget his name but must be something leon or garrick, and his cousin produces tons of shit, also garrick i believe.
  19. New favorite song.
    Dante : my city.
    I wish i could get it on my ipod..Anyone help with that?
  20. send me ur email (msn prefered) and ill either add u on msn or email it

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