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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by DuTaz, Feb 11, 2003.

  1. here's a few pictures of a bud I cut of to dry mmmmm good

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  2. picture 2

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  3. mmmmmm....

  4. Thats my same thoughts, and as i sit here smoking it i feel the same way to, it's a very good taste

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  5. Way too early IMHO.
  6. I have to agree with Vatoloco, way to early, let it mature. I don't see any brown hairs at all. What is the strain?
  7. Yes I know this but I had to clip just 2 buds off to try this is my first time to grow and I could not wait here's a picture of my plants

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  8. They look great, just hope you clipped some of them lower colas first.
  9. sure did and that was hard to do lolol
    im sure i have 2 weeks to go

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  10. looks awesome!

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