My bud plant is only 1 inch tall and growing hairs!

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  1. My bud plant is only 3-4 weeks old from seed and its only an inch tall and showing flowering hairs already I'm afraid its a midget and not going to grow to its full potential! Is this normal or ever heard of? Its on the third set of leafs from its ture leaf and there's about 7 hairs about 5 milimeters long I'm. Hopping this is normal. She's just one out of two of the same strain altogether I have 12 plants but the rest are normal hight only this girl is stuby! its tripping me out! Help somebody!!!!!

    1.) Four Cfl's (24w, 5000k, 1700 lumens)
    2.) Metalic insulation 1 also being used as a reflector
    3.) 1 Standard Fan
    4.) 12 seed starter pots
    5.) 12 Standard foam cups
    6.) 12 Srandard chopsticks for suport
    7.) Closet is 8ft tall and 5'8" x 2' wide
    8.) Organic potting soil
    9.) Tap water
  2. Is it an Auto? If it's an auto, it could be going to flower since they flower by age, and four weeks is about right.

  3. thats what it sounds like to me too an auto.where did you get your seeds?
  4. applying 3 to 1 ratio on growth you will have a mighty 4 inch plant!!! Small but potent. Tiny but mighty. Rejoice!
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    Thankz bro is that about an ounce? If so thats about one to two weeks worth..,hopefully
  6. 1 Inch? Damn I've had this happen with a royal queen seeds critical. it never grew taller than 20cm/ 8inches. but great looking plant nonetheless

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  7. maybe like 2 or 3 grams, post pics?
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    Its exodus cheeze,im prety shure
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    There they are, bro...I guess there "auto" exodus cheeze... Maybe I could force as much buds out of her some way...... My colleague (friend) says that she saw some stress in the stem and it thickened below a knot, that it developed a while back. It is about the same size.full through now. Do you think it was the cause or it is as n auto or both? I guess when It was germinating it bunched up some how ..

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  10. i'm not experienced enough to even guess, definitely weird, from what i've read though the autoflower gene comes from ruderalis plants to the best of my knowledge though so it'd be weird for it to randomly be an autoflower, makes me wanna think something else caused it, but it'd all be random guessing, i'm sub'd and curious to see how it develops
  11. thats kind of awesome.
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  12. it wasnt under 12/12, or did your friend have it before?
  13. i'd transplant them to a bigger pot.maybe there rootbound.if so bigger pot makes for bigger pot have buds though so you can get to sad.
  14. LOOOL , old thread but my exodus cheese grew into like 5 inches. you are right on the money!

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