My bud calyxs are going white, is this mould???

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    My bud calyxs are going completely white on one of my Trainwrecks by greenhouse seeds. not sure if its mould or not.

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  2. Can't really tell from the photos, try taking pictures with lights off and a flash maybe.
    Sometimes you can get a white looking area. Maybe it's a magical new strain! But most likely just some new growth. I'm not sure if it is mold, but what I am sure of is if you suspect mold, spray! No messing around, get on it. You can use Serenade at any stage of growth. Read all the info available about moulds and follow a treatment program- prevention is better than a cure,
    good luck
  3. need pics without hps lighting. Are you sure it's not just getting a thick white fur of trichomes?
  4. Hard to tell from the pic, but it looks like mine does!

    Common consensus is that I had the girl too close to my LEDs, no burning but bleaching, I raised my lights and it hasn't gotten worse...
  5. Agree.

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