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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by KB_124, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. Just wanted to show my bubbler with the three bowl pieces I have with it. When I bought it, I had them put in one of the glass on glass stems and got a new bowl piece. I like it. the spiked one is from my broken bong, but fits airtight. last is the bowl that came with it.

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  4. auh man id use that spiked one like all the damn time lol its tits
  5. nice bubbler dogg, smoke til u choke
  6. Definitely a nice bubbler, kinda looks like a dildo :)

  7. uhhhhh yeaa well neways lol nice bubbler i lke the spiked bowl i used to have like it but red a arcylic
  8. nice bubbler i just got one yesterday. yours looks better i had to get a smaller one so i could hide it from the parents.
  9. thanks for the comments guys.. I've used that piece every night since I got it, which was December 17 :D
  10. that thing has wierd colosr! remindes me of some sea creature for some reason, i like it...
  11. That's is a sweet bubbler, i love mother style bubblers the best.

    They are always the easiest to clean and it's cool that you can interchange bowl peices!

  12. ah i love that spiked bowl piece man. happy toking
  13. The spiked one is l337 man! :D
  14. Friend Has That One , ; /

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