My Brother's Birthday Present (pics)

Discussion in 'General' started by My Fax, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. In the past years for Christmas/Birthdays, I've never really given gifts at all. If anything, it was like a box of chocolates or a card. I've decided to go all out this year.

    My little Brother turned 18 on Sunday. He went to a Hookah Bar with my Older Brother then, but I had to work.

    He's amazing on the guitar. We both could hang out today, so we went guitar shopping.


    It's an Ibanez EW30 made from African Zeebrawood.

    Closeup of the Fret Inlay:

    The Tuner on it:

    Here's the Amp Outlet:

    And the Hemp Strap:

    Total price with the Strap, the Case(not pictured), and a Capo.....$549

    My Dad got him this amp for his Birthday. It's a Peavey Special 212....240 amps. The entire house shakes when it's all the way up. With this guitar though, it sounds sooo cool.

    And since I bought him a new Guitar, I get his old one!:hello:

    Here it is:
  2. That is a gorgeous guitar!
  3. wanna adopt me man? thats a hell of a gift. your a really nice brother, i wish mine would even get me a gift!
  4. Your bro is one lucky dude.:D Way to go big brutha!
  5. WOW man, thats a beautiful guitar...beautiful I work with carpenters and that pretty
  6. man i keep coming back to this page, its such a sweet guitar. that zebra wood is amazing. id love to get a solidbody with that wood and a nice finish. so, so ill. im listening to some jimi and hed be proud of that axe.
  7. Wow nice brother you are, you guys must get along well. Now you guys got a post up a video of you playing together.
  8. Thanks alot Everybody! :wave:

    I would, but I don't really know how to play the guitar yet. He's teaching me, like, I know all the chords already, but I just don't have the finger coordination to play a whole song yet.

    I also think I'm gonna get a banjo. I played one while we were at the guitar store, it sure was fun. :hello:
  9. Hey- you know we are all brothers from different mothers right, my b-days coming up haha...

    But seriously, thats a nice looking guitar- I really like the grain, and that hemp guitar strap is awsome (looks so hippy).
  10. You know what my brothers got me for my 18th?

    not even a fucking phone call. They we're all sopost to meet at my parents house for dinner and didnt even fuckin show. W/e, i went out and got rediculously drunk and stumbled home all shitfaced and blazed with brite red eyes and literaly stumble past my parents. They see me and go "Are you drunk!?" So i said "Its my birthday and no one showed. I do what i want..." haha So they gave me a beer :D
  11. its nice to see the love
  12. I wish you were my bro. I'm also diggin that rasta strap.
  13. my buddy josh has the same guitar. They are pretty awesome.
  14. Aww thats such a nice thing to do for your bro, right on!
  15. thats a nice gift man. he must ahave been happy as hell with all that shit. around here me and my brother its just a bag of herb or a nice bottle of liquor.

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