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My brother kidnapped my girlfriend HELP!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wideawakebored, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. So ever since my mom got re married I had to live with my new step brother. My step brother is 19 and did not even go to highschool. He is really into devil music and praising satin. One day while at work my bro got into my room and smoked All my hash and dank and when I got home after work with my girl my step bro knocks me out and steals my girl.wut do I do helppp
  2. Smoke more bud. I'm about to go smoke another gram of "LA Confidential" with my buddy Chase. They call him Kraz Krinkle. Then I'm going to get drunk and watch It's Always Sunny
  3. I don't know... Maybe call the cops. I could be wrong, but isn't that usually what people do if someone gets kidnapped?
  4. But like I'm really stoned and scared now. I thought smoking a couple bowls will calm me down but I was wrong
  5. Was some dank OG lush x Purple kush

  6. That really dumb. If you got shot, would the first thing you think of doing be smoking some weed?
  7. uhh, your girlfriend let him do that? what a slut bro, fuck that bitch
  8. if this isnt a troll and your step brother really has your girl tied up in a dungeon, what the fuck are you doing here, just call the cops, hell he smoked all your weed its not like they will find much if they even look
  9. only sluts get kidnapped.

    she was probably asking for it.

  10. duh... they call it medicating for a reason!:smoke: :D

  11. Cdfu. Really, I doubt this is even real.
  12. what the fuck?
  13. wow i really cant believe how unaware some of you are to the trollines of this troll lmao

    originality- 0/10

    humor- 1.5/10

    style- -2.4/20

    we have high expectations of our trolls here wideawakebored. you had your shot, and ya blew it kid.
  14. I laughed my ass off when I saw this thread title.... im pretty blazed

  15. If you are a troll, then where did you get that kush from if your bro smoked it "all"?

    If you are NOT a troll..

    If not then resort to backup plan #2
    IMPORTANT STEP: make sure you replace "money" with "girlfriend"
    [ame=]Stewie beats up brian part one - YouTube[/ame]
  16. I've been posting on forums since about 2004. I have never seen a failed attempt at being clever this bad on any forum before.
  17. Go get your princess, Mario! Thats what the fuck you need to do! Start eating shrooms... now!
  18. [quote name='"wideawakebored"']He is really into devil music and praising satin.[/quote]

  19. Terrible troll

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