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My Brother is in the Hospital

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TheHempress, Mar 28, 2003.

  1. My brother had a seizure tonight, and now he's in the hospital :(

    He's never had anything like this happen to him before, and at first we thought he was faking it....but he doesn't even remember it happening. I was so SCARED! He wasn't responding to questions, he just started babbling about school...We didn't know what he was talking about. By the time the ambulance came he was awake and talking, trying to get up, etc. Right now he's undergoing tests and he's getting a cat scan....Please, send some karma to my brother...I'm so worried about him.
  2. I'll hit the bong and send some K your bro's way.

  3. yikes!
    hope he recovers just fine, with no incidents in the future!
  4. I'm sending good karma to your brother and you. I hope they find out what is wrong and gets him fixed up like new..
  5. thanks guys...I really appreciate it...I'll tell you how everything goes :)
  6. Hope he's ok.... I'll smoke a blunt for him real quick.. :smoke::smoke::smoke:
  7. He was just released from the hospital...he is supposed to get rest and stay away from the computer and Nintendo for a week or two....he was just dehydrated and tired...too much time online

    He'll be ok, and he says thanks for all the well wishes :D
  8. glad to hear everything turned out alright..
  9. glad to hear he's ok. i'm a little late, but i'll send some karma to you both anywayz. :D i hope he doesn't have any future incidents.
  10. how old is your brother? A friend of mine used to have seizures like acouple times a month when we were in elementary school, and in high school he used to fake them just to scare the shit out of us.

    P.S. Karma is on its way!:D
  11. late but I'm sending good karma. Hope he is ok soon.
  12. oi damn a seizure! :(

    how old is he?

    muchos karma!!! hope he gets better asap!
  13. he's 18...he's doing much better too...we fed him and gave him fluids, and now he's sleeping like a baby :D
  14. ^^^after seeing my brother like that, it made me forget all the petty things making me depressed lately...I just want him to get better.
  15. i am glad to hear everything worked out alright for him. good karma coming at him. hopefully this will be the last that he ever has
  16. glad to hear hes doing good now :) good stuff
  17. that must have been really scary.

    Much love.
  18. My brother told me to post something for him...he thinks the reason he had a seizure is from lack of tacos...and he's serious about this :p

    Let me explain

    Our mother is a born-again Christian. On Fasnacht Day she asked Julius what he was going to fast from, and he said "The law." My mom said "No, you're gonna fast from tacos." So, my brother hasn't eaten tacos since then. He says the seizure wasn't from the Yellow Jackets he took, b/c he threw those up. And it wasn't video games, b/c he really hasn't played any in a week, and he doesn't think it was the computer b/c he was only on for 20 minutes before it happened. Also, after he got out of the emergency room, our mom took him out to Wendy's for nachos and he said he felt much better afterwards. So he's eating tacos tonight...lots of them, LOL.
  19. yellow jackets?
    they still sell those?
  20. no, they don't sell them anymore, I just had some leftover in a big bottle I bought before they were taken off the market.

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