My Brother Blows Trees But Dosent Know I Know

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  1. Ok so I have been smoking for a couple of years now, and I have an older brother. Me and him havent been close since he was in 8th grade (hes about to start his second year of college) and I found his stash a while ago that had is pipe and his lighter, but he had just left for college so it didnt matter. Im an introverted person at first, and me and him dont dislike each other but we just never got close on a friend level. We never cursed with each other, talked about girls or anything. I know hes been smoking now that hes here on summer break because I smell it sometimes, so I went in his room and found where his pipe is hidden. But what do I say to him, it will be really awkward, I kind of just want it to happen naturally but Im beginning to think unless I do something nothing will happen. Worst part is im out of bud and need new connects, he most likley dosent have many in this area (because we moved here when he left for college) but he goes to are old town frequently and comes back with bud.
    I dont know what I expect you guys to do, maybe just your opinion, or a similar awkward family story.

  2. Yo bro, I noticed a distinct smell of my girl friend on you and was wondering if we could enjoy her together? :smoke:
  3. Lol yea Mary Jane is a slut though
  4. if you're ridin with just him ,just pull out a J like its no different than a cigarette. spark it, hit it twice, then pass it, in complete silence. dont even turn the radio on. im going to do this when my dad retires. ive been pondering this scenario for years.
  5. Lmao its not a bad idea the only thing is Im rarley in the car alone with him. But I hope it works for you man
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    offer lunch! be like "C'mon, Brocicle. Lets go to (favorite restaurant) for some (favorite food)." maybe a place like Hooters for a major sport event in your town. maybe talking about bud would be easier for him with a couple drinks. or just walk in during one of his sessions holding a sack or with a J right betwixt your lips.
  7. Just tell him that you smoke weed and you want to bond with your bro by smokin weed with him.
  8. Yea Im probably gonna say something soon, in any other situation I would have no problem with this but just for some reason with my brother its different I dont know. whatever ill think about it, I thought about just smoking in my room with the door open a little while hes home.
  9. ask if he smokes. ;ike you dont know then pull out the evidence and tell him if he doesnt smoke you up your telling mom
  10. Lmao yea I could do that but id rather just have em as a smoke buddy you know
  11. well you can break the ice by asking him.. like playing dumb. dont wanna just pull a j out. what if he dont want you smoking
    just ask homie
  12. Yea man thanks for the advice, what im prob gonna do is ask him to play some basketball then just talk to him about shit
  13. fasho just make sure you bust his ass
  14. lmao aight man I will, esp if he tries to ignore me and dosent say anything about bud then ill pull out the Ill tell my card and get a free toke sesh :bongin:
  15. Put a blunt/joint behind your ear, go to his room and ask for a lighter.

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